Kenyatalk going South

I came across this forum around 2015 to 2016 and it was one of the best places to be.You came here to laugh,the forum was lively.Fast foward, the forum is invaded by a disturbed person who trolls villagers esp. men,posts a series of trash all day.This forum has gone admin wanalalia maskio. @administrator @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD @Electronics4u .Delete my account,hii forum imenichosha.

Truman capote aka @patco unaudhi na hio chimpanzee talk

How does someone post links to gay porn on this forum and it’s a majority male forum and admins let it slide,they then allow the person to post trash posts all day on all thread topics.

Kuna kitu inaitwa ignore button. Wacha attention seeking

ama hujui spelling ya ignore

Si attention seeking,I have inboxed admin wote and told them to remove that person from this forum or remove the cesspool of trash from the forum na hawaskii

please provide the link to the thread with g.ay porn links


Naambiwa the snitch is referring to my thread (which has no gei links) but iko na video ya Umar Johnson saying something…

Not you but since you are also on the tail, you are a grown man with a functioning brain,stop posting that garbage online

there are no other g.ei related topics ?

LGBTq imefika huku and we’ll have to talk about this issue siku moja… burrying our heads apana option

thats what grown people do…

@Yunomi alikua ana-post thread every week vile kenyatalk ina-collapse, akaenda na bado tuko tuuu. Kama unataka serious forum enda kwa kijiji ya wazee.

You were told it’s a gaay video and you went ahead to watch. Why subject yourself to torture?

Who is that?
Mention the talker if you don’t have a puussie between your legs

Ama ni juu sijawai kukatia,so uko na machungu

The main cancer kwa hii forum ni huyu mkamba mjinga @PHARMACY , as long as he is around hii forum itaendelea kuwa worse every second

Ktalk ni ya veterans only, NVchieths can’t handle it

I think the admins just focus on making money from ads. And from the way some brothel/porn related content gets deleted immediately while other similar threads are left alone, we can reasonably assume that people pay to advertise whores here too. So user engagement, retention and satisfaction is not really a concern for the admins. In summary:

Its the G.ay stuff that floats. I don’t know why @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD lets it remain and deletes anything with a Vajaina. Hii ni michawi night runner