kenyatalk females

are there real kenyatalk chics i can smash here. Am new here

NW, tembelea kijiji ya wazee kwanza and you’ll get some real life experience from an Old man called Guka.

If you want chics to smash go to tinder, badoo, tagged etc not here

Or visit escort sites

Or if you claim to have a good game like @Jimit approach a girl at your neighborhood

You are not new, it’s your handle that’s new.

hapo umeongea kama mmalayer wawili wenye wako na hangover ya tarimbo :smiley:

Kaa hapo NV

let me try Mrs shosho

Chunga usifunguliwe bonnet.

You could try your shosho kana nyukwa or the MoD that has talked about bonnets, clearly knows a thing or 2…in my dark room you go.

You clearly know a thing or 2 about bonnets. Please stick to your lane.


here they are @uwesmake @digi @rexxsimba inbox them, unaweza angukia

Boss ,
Do yourself a favour …
Go to your local Church and look for a decent girl to marry … :smiley:

Mpatie nnumber ya Ssenga


Wacha temper

Sio temper. It is called kurudisha mkono in my world. Dude wakes up at 6 AM puts up a thread and tags me to it using a new handle yet clearly he is an old timer? at 6 I was in another man’s arms.
And in there a whole mod who I suspect is twice my age given the age stats I have okotad huku throws a spanner in the works kugurumsha a dying kijiji…when did he ever see my boot? shame on him…hahahahahahahahaha.
These days you throw a barb and I happen to see it pls accept one back…

Where was your man?

Wewee wacha uchokozi.:DI was in his arms. That message was for the OP. Showing him how pathetic it is to post a thread so early in the morn to some woman wa wenyewe.

Aaaah you beat me to it :smiley: :smiley: