Kenya's Tourist Itineraries Too Expensive For Nothing. Thailand Beats Us Hands Down Just Because Of Ladyboys

Kenya on Thursday said that its international tourist arrivals hit 1.75 million in 2023, up from 1.48 million recorded in 2022.

Number of international visitors Thailand 2023, by region of origin. In 2023, around 20 million foreign tourists from Asia and the Pacific region visited Thailand. During that period, there were about 28 million international visitors in Thailand.

Ndindu make the sacrifice. Pigwa rungu za matako na wazungu ndio wajae Kenya

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75% of those Thailand tourists are definitely headed to a town called Pattaya. Pale ni sherehe proper! Enda youtube and search Pattaya nights uone hizo videos alafu uniambie ukiwa na pesa ni Simba utakuja kuona Kenya ama ni usherati utachagua pale Thailand.


Kenya is an exotic destination, mainly targeting rich tourists. That’s why even locally, Magical Kenya billboards are hard to see. You will be surprised to know that most jungus you see around really save for long to tour Kenya, the land of Maasai, Chai, Coffee, Big 5 and Mombasa. Locally tu ndio tunadharau hizi places juu mtu akiskia Mt. Kenya NP kitu ya kwanza inakuja kwa akili ni ‘huko kwa wagikuyu’ ama Elgon ‘huko Western’.

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Kenya is an expensive tourist destination. A place a tourist will probably visit only once never to return. We over price our hotels.
What it will cost a European to stay in a hotel in Kenya for a week is the same price he might pay to relax on the coastal towns of turkey on an all inclusive package. Air ticket included.
When tourism was affected in Tunisia and Egypt i thought Kenya would take advantage za shida zao lakini wapi.

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Trust Me… @Touchlyrics is Stating the Plain truth… Most of the Bosses I work with would prefer the Ambience of the Nightlife in the South East Asia… Alafu most of them are influenced by referrals from their friends, na sijawahi skia wakitaja Kenya ama any other African Place… When I was in Kenya, I thought tuko mbele when it comes to scenic places and exotic nature… But trust me, we have beautiful places huku nje… Especially Asia… Even Kerala (IND) rivals our Mighty Kenya and it is just an Indian State. The Nightlife in Delhi, Bengaluru, Bangkok and Pattaya City are Miles ahead of what we have in Our Dear Africa… And they combine that with Exotic sceneries.