Kenya's remittance flow for Jan - Dec 2021 revealed

Wapi wale wa “muh America is collapsing” :D:D:D. Sijui ati China is taking over Kenya in terms of influence na kosokoso mingi? China bado ni kipiii in regards to offering opportunities to Kenyans and they should cool down their balls. America and Europe remain the top destinations for Kenyans and would do so for a long time. Huwezi enda China ukuwe successful as compared to ukienda US/Europe. (And yes North America includes akina Canada but we all know they won’t match US. US alone can do the $2B single handedly)


Vile @Ndindu na @Sambamba watasema.

Isn’t this shameful to our govt, that we are happy about an increase in remittance. To me it similar to those ancient chiefs who would sell the young as slaves to arabs for money.

USA is the Global leader in many aspects today, but it’s influence has waned in the Last 20 years.

In another 20 years China’s economy will overtake USA’s so will many aspects such as AI, chip manufacturing, electric cars,

Sawa. We will await remittances from Shanghai.

These comments show how entrenched slave mentality is amongst Africans. If I was Stalin, you’d be purged(read killed or sent to harsh re-education camps deep in Turkana. You’d be digging trenches there for decades under the scorching sun.

At least put a counter-narrative. And I thought you dig cables for a living ( from your own narrative).

The beauty of the USA is they have laws and a conscience about racism and bigotry. There in Shaina, things shine lakini nywele ngumu has absolutely NO rights. Even Ndindu here will still be a ndudu in Shaina, despite praising and swallowing Beijing up to his duodenum.

I doubt that an American or British contractor in Kenya would have the mental backwardness to treat Nyeuthi the way some muchina do in Kenya. No regular jungu in the 21st century would whip a native Kenyan like we saw muchina do sometime last year

I have never seen the above character put in any valubale input to counter other people’s suggestions. He always employs straw man fallacy.

This is exactly why I cannot understand why some people blow Chinaman’s horns yet he’s the worst of two devils. I would rather the omusungu commit economic crimes against bonobo than deny bobonos their rights and also steal from them

This coming from you is a huge surprise, lmao. Aren’t you the one who licks the Chinks vigorously here? Atleast personally I have benefited from the benevolence of the whites. If it were not for them, I would be doing some nondescript course in UON and graduate with a useless degree and then tarmack for atleast half of my productive years before landing a low tier job with a disastrous salary. But now see, I am doing what I love and I am assured of a job after graduation with perks that I wouldn’t get in KE. I pay zero shillings/dollars to attend one of the best university out there. What has the Chinks done for you PERSONALLY? I’d bet zero. Before you start with me or rather “us” start with your shitty leaders who are the cause of your miseries and tribulations. You’d be surprised that 100% of KE leaders are more “coonish” than I/We :D. Your (useless) President is carting away billions of dollars to offshore accounts while half of the population is starving because of hunger. Sit this one out Kijana or atleast start with your shitty (mis)leaders.

KE (mis) leaders don’t give af apparently.

Initially, I used to think so too. But China is facing a serious problem: Demographic loss. They aren’t siring enough and their TFR is quite low to sustain a huge economy as theirs. If they can fix this, then they can give US a run for it’s money. But as of now, they would probably end up as a middle tier economy with a per capita of atleast $20k (which is impressive by all standards)

Mchina taking Kenya thing is always from talkers who work in Chinese business construction sites. They are being bullied there and this makes them think Mchina has taken Kenya

When you have no pride in yourself and who you are your honour will be on sale to the highest bidder.

Hii story ya slavery it’s true there must have been local sellouts who guided the slavers throught the jungles and savannas of Africa
ama how else did Tippu Tip make multiple raids upto the Congo kingdom? Like Bob said, they’ll always reach us thro political strategy…