Kenya's promiscuous foreign policy

Kenya is so good at playing the field. On one hand, Kenya is courting Saudi, on the other, making business deals with Iran; siding with the U.S. while fiercely living on made-in-China products.

Its not bad to be non aligned and make deals with everyone left right and center. That is where the world is headed to. Hakuna cha hegemony tena. Tuko multi polar. Ndio inabamba.

My anguish about my country is that even when the chips are down and the choice is clear as day that the bully is wrong, it will cow and side with the bully just because the bully says so. No spine at all! Exasperating! Hata kusaidiwa inakuwa ngumu! Kenya is just like this horse. Mentally enslaved.


I thought the most recent policy emphasizes on business opportunities.

Mambo na security we are in USA and UK corner.Anything else is non aligned and we are African and Africa is our business