Kenya's path to Industrialization >> Littered or Supported by theft ? We decide

The greatest industrial powers have thrived partly due to a specific activity that we Kenyans thrive in. Apart from China, The US, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, and many more, owe a significant element of their accelerated growth and Industrialization to colonialism, Heist of Natural and Human Resources from other regions of the world into their countries, economic manipulation, thanks to the golbal financial System > The Petrodollar, CFA franc and policies that put the bigger powers in better positions to exploit the others. Trade imbalance is real, especially when you look at the stringent measures put on horticulture exporters from Kenya. Anywho, I udnerstand this one coz, you give a Kenyan some leeway and flowers will be maturing in this country within a week.

Point is, Kenyans, we are talented at economic crimes. The only problem is that we are stealing from within. We should set up systems around the continent. Use our talents at corruption to get stuff from other countries. Get a partner in Zambia and start a quail business or something. Then Come back with some foreign exchange and build something for yourself in the 254. Get partners and bid for tenders in Bujumbura, Kinshasa, Dar Es Salaam, Muqdisho…Bring the spoils of smarts back home. South Sudan has Oil, Uganda too, Eastern DRC tunaeza toa kitu huko. Whoever took gold ya Kabila, I hope they used the money here. Tuanze kutumia talanta kuleta mali nyumbani.
By the way, European firms (some with government stake) are the most corrupt on a worldwide scale by the volumes of bribes they give to get tenders. They then take the proceeds back home.


UK, US, France, Germany…have done it successfully…they still do…and they have higher HDI, GDPs and more…Morals out of the window, .Lets ndo this. Tuibe inje tukileta home, sio kujiibia. Na ukishikwa umeiba China ama Saudia, Nyongwa pekee yako.

Tuanze na invading South Sudan.

Using business and technology. Mkono hao watu ni veterans :smiley:

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This is one of the best threads I’ve ever come across !!:D:D

We have done it before, we did it during the coffee boom, sanctioned Ugandan, coffee was smuggled into Kenya and sold at a huge profit. :D:D
We have also sold a lot of SS gold during the war time and at one point the siad barre dumped the entire Somali treasury in Kenya. :D:D

Our politicians should use their connections to exploit DRC minerals and encourage African looters to invest their money in Kenya :D:D
Exploiting others to the benefit of your country is what smart politicians do, they do not steal from their own!
A nation state cannot afford to be moral when dealing with other states!!!