kenya's future?

Hatuwezi fika hapo, tunakuanga tumepita stages zingine.

Really? Ulikuwa huku teargas monday? Unajua rounda outering? Unajua pipeline kwenye huwezi hamisha kabati bila kulipa pesa ya ‘security’? Unajua OTC?

A merciful tactical nuke is what they need. Put them out of their misery.

Thats a stupid comment from an idiot that does not know Haiti history.

Haitians are our brothers, fucked up by France/spain to show Africans cant succeed independently . after they plundered all Haitis natural resources

I’m sure they wuz Kangz and Shit but just look at them now. Chimpanzees with M16. Sasa wewe na hiyo history ya Haiti mnatusaidia aje isipokuwa kutupea story za jaba?

I choose not to interact with your level of ognorance.

Bye bye…

Sasa mbona hata uli reply bonobo hii?:D:D:D:D

Malisa hio uneducated brukhengeh

Kama ata hujui walitoa m16 wapi , nyamaza tu…

France 24 ndio channel ya kujifunza African stories and history from kweli. Notice they give no context as to how Haiti found itself in this situation today.

These bigots are still smarting from the humiliation they suffered in the hands of Haitian freedom fighters back in the day. Sasa wanasema Haiti is this cursed voodoo worshipping place when reality is they have been systematically subjugated by colonialists so nice the Haitian revolution in 1804. They decided to make an example of Haiti by blockading the island, crushing sanctions, cut off trade, flooded the island with American rifles/drugs, supporting baby doc Duvalier and papa Doc… Ndio nyie uppity blacks msipate ideas about revolution and things

Hata Saudia na Israel wanauziwa weapons na America at subsidised rates, probably even at cheaper rates than hao chimpanzees wenzenu wanapewa nazo, huko Haiti yet we don’t see them slaughtering each other in the streets.

Nyeuthi haipendangi kuchukua responsibilities for its actions kabisa!

Barbeque, the most wanted Haitian gangster :D:D huita mpaka press conference na anatishia government of the day na kuwapea ultimatums. :D:D

Wallahi most times, fact is stranger than fiction; art imitates life.

kenyas future is like the US,not being rich and powerful like US but a society that has police issues,private individuals,cooperates,NGOs deciding how much to experiment,tax,who to fight,who leads,what is male/female,what is not evil etc.the opposite of scandinavian success

about haiti,out of 100%,50% of her problems r bcz of colonialists.There was a moment haiti even wanted to join AU but the powers thay are blocked her indirectly(to me that was like an african who has seen it all in the city and has decided to go back to the village,but the problems of the city say no!you will suffer and die here!)

There is more to Kenya than that shitty chaotic county called Nairobi.

The upcountry is slowly transforming into smaller versions of Nairobi. Unplanned developments, mutilation of culture, onset of vices only heard of in Nairobi etc.