Kenya's first lie

1.28 was where it was crafted so peasants msijisumbue wasting bundles

Nairobi was clean those days. :eek:

Hizo mbuloti zote bana

From the video,
He was not a member of maumau.
He was in school learning as others were in forest fighting.
He killed maumau after they came out of forests since they would burst him for being an imposter.
Michuki as DC continued killing more maumau in murang’a.

Blaming your problems on a person who probably lived before your pathetic life began.

@Inspector Kaswende vaa helmet, they are coming.

Kaswende haiaffect medulla, atafute nyeeGuard…

I understand syphilis is slowly but surely making a comeback. It should be checked lest it mutates into something worse.