Kenya's Election System Is 30 Years Ahead Of Tanzania's

Kenya is NOT perfect but we are miles ahead of our neighbors the Bongolalas. Rigging takes place in Kenya too but not to such scale as witnessed in TZ.

Megafool’s first term started on a sure footing especially when he took control of the mining corporations but then power got into his head and now CCM (Chama Cha Maghufuli) has 99.9% control of TZ. opposition has been deleted from the scene. TZ economy had blossomed but now it is doomed as sanctions begin to affect tourism, Oil and horticultural export. Mtakula mbwa kama Wachina.

Tanzania’s democracy is at the stage Kenya was in 1992

[SIZE=6]Young man, will you ever make up your mind on any matter at hand?

Today you are this way… tomorrow you are the opposite!

Just a few months ago you were posting threads like this here :[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]Ni vile tu @administrator ame delete most of the old threads sijui anafikiria nini. There are almost a hundred threads where you @Ndindu you praise Magufuli specifically for his stealing of elections and his style of dictatorship.[/SIZE]

Ata pyong Yang kuna opposition hii ya tz imezidi …

Hueleweki, you constantly flip flop on various issues

i guess huko pyongistan the only opposition is your head against a bullet

Do you think Russians, who have regained their lost respect under Vladimir Putin, care that much about credibility of elections? The Russia of 2020 is 10 times better than the Russia of 1995.
What is most important is what the president does when he is in charge.
Look at India and China. One has been doing democratic elections and the other nobody really knows what they do. Now compare the two in terms of economic progress.

Hii cock stroking twapenda kujifanyia will never do us any good. Why are we comparing ourselves to them and vice versa?

You nailed it.


You go and sing your songs of Worship to your god Mr. Trump

My sentiments exactly.

Sio fahari kuwa nawapinzani wanaopinga kila kitu ndio maana watanzania tumewakataa kwenye box la kura.
Hichi kilichotokea ni baraka ya wananchi ndio maana Leo kila mtu yupo kwenye biashara zake hao wapuuzi wachache tweeter walikuwepo hata kipindi cha CORONA na kutuma picha kwamba watanzania tunakufa tunaisha lakini ndio hao hao leo wanadai kuna uharibifu wa uchaguzi

just search them sir, everything is available

Pics on old threads aren’t visible.


for AFRICA it’s don’t applicable kwa sababu bado tuna viongozi wanaojali matumbo yao na ndugu zao,pia sheria zetu si kali na hata zikiwa kali bado hasifuatwi mfano China ni dictatorship lakini wana sheria Kali sana zinazolinda uchumi na maendeleo ya jamii na zinafuatwa kwa usahihi so my friend Africa bado tunahitaji opposition kwa namna yoyote maana wanplay role kubwa katika kulinda(watchdogs ) sheria zinazolinda maendeleo na raslimal za jamii,alichokifanya magufuli kitamkosti sana in long run.

Yes., we need strong and visionary opposition but not puppet opposition leaders. We do not have serious opposition leader yet. We are still struggling we puppets of European and American powers!

which serious opposition leader can refuse ‘help’ from the western powers ? would you refuse the help ? be honest…

true kabisaaa umenena