Kenya's Corruption Illustrated

HEADMASTER: how much is passport photograph for children?

PHOTOGRAPHER: the price for the passport Photos is 80bob per child

HEADMASTER: No sir. the pupils are 500 in number, so we are paying 40bob

PHOTOGRAPHER: ok ok no problem sir, you can pay 40bob each since they are many

HEADMASTER: class teacher go & inform the pupils that they should each bring 100ksh tomorrow for the passport photos.

CLASS-TEACHER: ok sir, i will inform them right away

CLASS-TEACHER: Good day pupils, you are all to come with 200ksh tomorrow for passport photos.

PUPIL: Mummy we were asked to bring 300ksh for passport photos at school

MUMMY: Father, your son was asked to come to school with 400ksh passport photos fee tomorrow.

FATHER: OMG. uhuru makes things costly day by day, including education.


Lesson: 'LET THE CHANGE BEGIN WITH YOU AND ME. Honesty and sincerity are all that we need to make this country a better place!

Pls forward this to all your friends, colleagues, group chats. Think about it. Change begins with YOU, change your ways, motives and your thoughts.

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Bonobo ndindu were did you get this statistics?mijamaa inakuaga gagari siwezi lipa 500 ya photo,I will call the headteacher to confirm

But you pay for inflated SGR and non existent Arror dam

That is the percentage used to inflate the construction of SGR and other major infrastructure projects in Kenya.

Maximum price for Passport photos shouldn’t exceed Ksh 100.
Maximum cost of SGR shouldn’t exceed 1.5 Billion USD

hii ndo ubaya ya kutumia picha za Photo-Me,everything else seems expensive:D

Hehe. I paid KSh 100 for PP2 child passport size photo in Feb

Look at primates miss the point of the (strained) metaphor above and start discussing passport photos.

Mnaweza saidika kweli?

The wife and the child are entitled to their fathers money. The teacher and the principle are the thieves here

Stop justifying theft