Kenya's Angama Mara Safari Lodge named world's best

[SIZE=6]Kenya’s safari lodge Angama Mara named world’s best[/SIZE]
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2017 21:11

A US travel magazine has named Kenya’s Angama Mara, as the world’s best safari lodge for 2017.

Jetsetter magazine, which is affiliated to the TripAdvisor travel portal, put Angama Mara first in its listing of ‘The World’s Most Spectacular Safaris.’ The luxury lodge located on the western edge of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve was the only Kenyan facility to make it into Jetsetter’s annual listing. Its location near the crossing points for wildlife during the annual wildebeest migration between Kenya and Tanzania, on the edge of an escarpment overlooking the Mara Triangle, gives visitors an exceptional view of the Maasai Mara.

Angama beat 10 other world-renowned safari lodges including Namibia’s Wilderness Safaris Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp and India’s Jawai Leopard camp, which came second and third respectively. Rwanda’s Virunga lodge, with its famous sanctuary for the critically endangered mountain gorilla was fourth while Australia’s Arkaba’s homestead and Zambia’s Chinzobo camp secured the fifth and sixth positions respectively.

Despite the devastating earthquakes that have rocked Nepal in recent years, putting a dent on the mountainous country’s tourism industry, the country’s Meghauli Serai lodge came in seventh on the list. Serai is located inside Chitwan National Park and is a wildlife sanctuary for rare and exotic species including one-horned rhinos, sloth bears and royal Bengal tigers.
And beyond Sandibe Okavango Lodge in Botswana, Singita Gurumeti Serengeti House in Tanzania, Thailand’s Anantara Resort Golden Triangle and South Africa’s Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation Villa took the last four positions in the ranking respectively.
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Angama is a sight to behold. Been there. Words can not do justice to describe it.

now i like this

who owns it. uku ni vumbistan kweli.

Spectacular, sight to behold

First family.From that deck one can see the entire Mara.Closer to it is Governors camp which is equally rendezvous

I hope they did not destroy, leopard breeding sight, to build a hotel.

Huku nikipeleka @Guru ama @pseudonym attaining threshold will be a non-issue.

:slight_smile: I admire your naiveté.

Kenya ni supuu ni hawa politicians hufanya kukae ni kama kenya yote inakaa kibera

Hapo ndo mi hunukisha kitunguu

Sound naive, but, then, you interfere with the ecosystem, which offsets the wildlife balance, to build a tourist lodge, then down the line, u end up with no or minimal number of leopards .
Then, we start asking what happened to leopards in the mara.

Capitalists don’t give a hoot.

I hope breeding zones are well mapped and protected, otherwise, those hotels won’t have wildlife lovers.

rates si Mbaya


Ate they giving 10 commas free for each one you use?

From the wash hand basins, let me tell you that place is a five star.
Add setting and what you get is a must visit destination.

Kuchafua leopard macho ama?

Mnauza aje hizo ma dollari za tips.siku hizi

Kenya should start a wild life breeding project though , especially the cat family or high value game species in general … numbers are naturally dwindling in an absurd way . Going to any of these resorts and the wild life sightings will leave you wanting .