Kenya's 47 Counties Need To Be Merged & Reduced To Just 15

This will help in creating effective governance and curb runaway corruption.
[li]Rift Valley 4 Counties [/li][li]Eastern 3 Counties[/li][li]North Eastern 3 Counties[/li][li]Nairobi 1 County[/li][li]Coast 1 County[/li][li]Central 1 County[/li][li]Nyanza 1 County[/li][li]Western 1 County[/li][/ol]

US has 3033 counties.

USA is like a combination of 50 countries. A state such as Texas is slightly bigger than Kenya. Texas has 254 counties, but the economy of Texas is almost equal to that of entire African continent.

Acha ujinga buana, centralze planning has proven to be a disaster. it was responsible for the death of the USSR. What we need in increased freedom for the counties. Kila county ipewe real freedom to behave like as much of a shithole as it wants while at the same time reducing government oversight over what counties do with their own internally generated funds. Asin kusiwe na uoga ya kufuatwa an EACC as long as pesa imetoke kwa taxpayers wenu wa kaunti yenu.

Just like a father can decide to drink all his money or spend it to better his people, his children, and wife let the counties play the most important role in development. The government should reduce its role to educating the public on the county roles, spending billions of shillings to tell them which and what a county is supposed to do, make it 100% clear the government has no mandate to help the “development” and that each county is the main focal point for development.

Then sit back and watch shit hit the fan. Out of chaos we will have a better country. The current ambiguity on who or what is in charge of development means counties and government can quietly throw blame at each other when they feel like doing it.

I totally agree 100%. Infact it needs to be reduced to a maximum of 13 counties.


The big difference is a Governor heads a US state while in Kenya a Governor heads a County.

So we have given too much power to Governors, their rank should be scalled down to those of a Mayor

That was proposed during the constitution making process. However, there a problem. It could trigger secession politics. Condider a single county like the Rift. Its a matter of time before counties ask to secede. So smaller counties present a lesser threat to the nation-state.

Very well put, no county as is can think of secession as they are, ata Joho distanced himself with MRC. Now imagine the entire coastal region with one governor who happens to be pro MRC!!

This will never happen. People can see the benefits of County governments Even in areas where we have massive mismanagement.

This will only centralize corruption not curb it

8 provinces was as good as it will ever get.

Thread closed.

myopic thinking.

given our political,social experiences and histories,counties are God sent.

The central government has proven to be a club of few,tribal chiefs.we are better of having 47 mini clubs of tribal chiefs than one central.

are you afraid of the competion?however flawed the current system is,it is debunking some behaviors and guaranteeing subtle civic education.some people are slowly realising they are losing some stupid bragging rights.

the best system is what was in bomas draft constitution.what we have is a compromise.what you suggest is a manifestation of fear your interests are under sieke