…Juzi nililipia token 630 pm waliniamsha na message ya token 1.12 am. bahati sikuwa nimengonja units zibaki ndogo kabisa otherwise tungekaa kwa giza.

sasa saa hii, four days later, ndio wanatuma msg ya kusema token generator ina delays.

so kama meter yako ina blinker better buy the token now,


hii ni?

Fastest way to buy tokens…

si hii ujinga wa kutumia 3rd parties ndio waliambiwa na parliament wawache and the’ve been doing so well for about six or seven months?

Mimi i gave up using 888880 … i dont have the patience to wait for tokens for more than 10 mins. Jaza pay nazipata pap.

Kwa nini ungoje kununua tokens kama airtime?

kwani mtu hununuaje?


Pole Mzee. But you resisted social media. I normally buy my tokens and immediately go to Kenya power care account on twitter kuwaambia watume tokens. They do so alnost immediately.

Guess it depends on an individual and their logic.
I can talk on phone till my airtime runs out and that’s when I start buying fresh airtime.
But I can never do the same with gas and electricity.
By the time I have 10 units on the meter, I can’t go past one day before topping up.

by the way i buy my power token at 20. this is why i said this -

Ooh, forget it.
I almost forgot am not in the business of enriching Kenya Power.

i am a methodical man. i hate some little inconveniences

Thanks for the heads up, just topped my.

Washienz sana, I had to use “Keter and co looters”- affiliated third party (read vendit) to purchase tokens vile niliona hawanitumii token, after kuona imefika 0.53 and people wanted to shower. Manoogle sana

wanafikiri tumesahau so they want to sneak in the third party looters again

Sai ndio najenga ocha, will invest on solar … literally living off the grid

niko na unit moja imebaki wameli. mpesa haiendi through.

On Friday I bought through 888880 and i was surprised that in like a minute I had the token unlike before when I had to wait.They need to work on their consistency