Kenyans: who can decipher this quandary...?

Teachers from Kapsoya Primary School in Eldoret on Tuesday, December 1 appealed to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha after 80 strangers camped in the institution. Parents joined in seeking government intervention to evict the unknown people as they also asked Health CS Mutahi Kagwe to intervene.

The strangers are occupying teachers’ quarters within the school compound and are said to be protected by well-connected officials.
Students and parents line up in one of the classrooms at Kapsoya Primary School.

The school headteacher Ramadhan Bakari expressed concern about students in the school are coming into contact with the unknown residents.
"We have unknown persons in our school and no one knows how these people got into the school. I have no power to order them out of school.

“I can only control students in school because I do not know who these people are. We are worried because some of them come into contact with students and that is dangerous because we are going through a pandemic,” he explained. [/B]

The school has tried to seek the assistance of the Deputy County Commissioner who issued a notice of eviction to the strangers by Monday, November 22.

A letter was then issued to the headteacher allegedly from the Public Service Commission restricting the eviction of the strangers. :oops::rolleyes::rolleyes:

One of the staff members claimed that the strangers had vandalized the school with some of the equipment reportedly missing.

[B]"They have broken windows and doors. Desks are now missing. The government should know about the problem we have in this school.

“Trying to interrogate them has been a challenge because they are heavily protected and we really don’t know them,” [/B]he noted.

According to the school, the unknown residents have failed to comply with Covid-19 protocols, refusing to wash their hands before accessing the school.

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