Kenyans Weigh In Comparing Jayden To Arap Mashamba On Alcohol Industry....

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Moi 2 all over again. He ensured these substandard breweries thrive in Central leading to emergence of Al Capone Fai Amarios who dissolved his employees in acid for petty misdemeanors

Cendro kwisha. Very saddening. Kaba Kamwana.

On the other hand you will see how ruthlessly Nabii will fight alcohol in all forms in Kalenjin nation

Kwani spirits za eabl ndiyo ziko na added vitamins? Adults who can’t control their thirst for liquor should be culled

Mwiba wa kujidunga…

Watu wa muratina tukae wapi, juu hizi chan’gaa zote za kenya ni lethal to your kidneys.

Wasapere ikifika ni Time ya mvinyo lazima wasababishe


Hio pombe inaitwa “Survivor”

The irony

Hizi makali zilimaliza all my 3 uncles. Mmoja alidungwa visu Kwa ulevini, mwingine gathitima ilinyorosha yeye. The last one died due to liver failure.
Hapo ndio I made a vow I will never ever take liquor. 7 years still going strong. Sober as a spermatozoa.

Nanii anafanya kasi buana.


Primary schools in Central province will have very few pupils in next 10 years.
Youths are engaged in heavy drinking (from 8 a.m), muguka, and bodaboda(No protection gear)
Wanaogopa marriage like the way a Muslim hates pork
It’s a big crisis but no one is talking about it.

You are talking about it kiongozi. And in Murang’a wimins are getting paid $50 to make a baby.

Believe it or not Kabogo himselefu was cracking down 3rd generation liquor in his kiambu county. These guys are in deep siet.

A drunk Uhuru now seems like a genius compared to these two sober crooks. I wonder where Arap Mashamba left his brain after he did his PhD, or was it also stolen like everything else he owns?

It will pain me to see arap mashamba get handed a second term

One thieving employee had a 6" nail driven into his head and the body of an ex wife was never found.

:D:D:Dcongratulations my friend…ivo ivo bila kuteleza

Watu wanapayuuka ni kama eabl inatuuzia chai huku sendro.dhambi zote sawa mbele ya bwana