Kenyans we are quite irresponsible

Do you remember the way, as kids, we were always wishing for anything that would give us a holiday from school?
That is what some of the folks asking for lockdown are after: a reason to get a holiday from work. Remember, most Kenyans work because they have to, not because they love to. Just visit most offices/businesses, look at the employees’ attitudes, and you know this is true.
So the people are looking for a paid holiday.
Some are also under the impression that the lockdown would be preceded by money from the government – and they don’t mind that too, on top of the holiday from work. What better than ‘100k from the government’ (some of us are pathologically dumb) and a 3 week holiday to spend it at home?
Just look at the caliber of some of the people asking for lockdown, and you see those are the motivations.

All these idiots asking for a lockdown, why dont they lock them fvcking selves down for a month.

True. Bonobos don’t think. They’re treating this as a movie which demands an escalation of drama so folks stay tuned. Coronavirus is here for the long haul. A long term problem cannot be quelled by short term solutions.

Am also surprised seeing some ask for lockdown,they forget that the ones without supplies will come to their houses and steal from them,rape them or even kill them.

I have been staying at home day and night for three weeks now and I don’t like it anymore