Kenyans Telling Police to sHoot Thugs Alfu Baadaye Wawageuke


mbona wanasamehea muhindi mwifi

a biliionth nanosecond after the big bang

I just wish we could execute some of these people who stole hundreds of millions kama that former governor


…:D:D:D “wewee pigah hii watu risasi bwana!”… Heavy Greek accent.

Those two were almost shitting themselves wondering whether the police will succumb to pressure.

Wale wanasema waneona wanyamaze.Hii sijaona.

mimi natumia potato haifunguki,mnaogelelea nini wadau

Are those Kenyans asking for justice or entertainment?

from the alleged thugs reaction, it is probable that they are not criminals. maybe a deal went sour and someone called the police on them.