Kenyans swindled over Ksh 250 Million through Eken Investment pyramid scheme – See the faces behind the scam! Very young men (PHOTOs).

Saturday, 26 March 2022 – Millions of Kenyans are struggling to come to terms with the painful loss of their hard-earned cash after they fell victim to a well-coordinated online scam dubbed, EKen.

The online Ponzi scheme was introduced last year and young gullible Kenyans were lured to invest their money.

All they had to do was to make deposits staring from Sh500 and then earn commissions through performing different tasks.

They were promised returns of up to a 3-fold profit within 10 days up to 2 weeks.

The tasks on E-Ken were very simple.

However, you had to pay Sh 500 to be activated and then you start earning by performing different tasks.

Eken also had a referral program where participants earned commissions by inviting other people to join the site.

The more money invested , the more opportunities participants had to perform daily tasks.

After getting some early small payouts from the site, people invested more and more.

Some deposited up to Sh300,000.


A victim speaks

Why are Kenyans so gullible?

Why is government so inept?

Why is this not so prevalent in other Easy African countries?

Hapo sawa. There are tried and tested banks, there are Saccos, there are pension funds, there is NSE, there is CBK and still watu wanasafishwa 2022.

Very good Mr Eken. Fools and their monies

Hizi fake numbers mnatoanga wapi wapi sijui millions na billions lakini ukichunguza unapata ni kitu kama 1.4 mil at best.

Wewe Chinja you posted a phishing link earlier in the day… lucky for me I have a ruthless antivirus… Nakukulisha block.

Hawa sio beard gang kumbe.:D:D:D

@Electronics4u @administrator look into these allegations

@Chinja amesema he is ready to pay whatever you guys ask. Lakini msimtombe mkundu.

Kumbe hii ni conman