Kenyans stop joking with covid 19

I’ve just seen a very disturbing video of a group of people hugging each other with alcohol all over the table laughing ati covid, covid, they were speaking in Kiyuk. Guys this is not a free holiday for you to be hoping from one bash to the other. Na Hawa sio watoto kama wale wa ambulance. And if you look at them wako na beer and nyamchom belly wakishikwa na hii ugonjwa they will be the first to kick the bucket. Tena tei is bad for your immune system it leeches minerals and vitamins as a diuretic. What any sane person should be doing now is eating and drinking stuff that boost immune system sio choma na whiskey. Kenyans and impunity is like Chanda na Pete, you break the law then you upload the video for your friends to see how wreck less you are.Then you wonder why kids and youths are out of control, they are getting it from adults both males and females. Mtu mzima na akili zake hugging several people on camera what kind of madness. Kenyans please sana sana if you are very unhealthy, kitambi, umekua ukitei, tizi na wewe is like oil and water. Zoea kwako nanii. Utakufa uzikwe kama mbwa. Stay at home. Stay safe. Good day.


Kapondi, that was the last party the Gilgil MCA hosted before causing an accident that took his life.

Leta video. When was that?

Uko nyuma. Hukuiona?


Majority of people supporting Deputy President William Samoei Ruto are pretending except for a few guys from Mount Kenya, a case study of those young men who burnt newspapers in protest of the DP. Even a number of MPs are pretending, in real sense, they are on their way to extinction. A case study of MPs whom we know are guns for hire in DP Ruto’s camp are; Moses Kuria who was used by the system to fix Ruto at ICC using a 42 page document & now buying time in DP Ruto’s camp, Ndindi Nyoro who at the helm of Jubilee Jamboree in 2017 swore to use extra force were he President and Kimani Ichung’wah who taps William Ruto in every meeting and takes the intelligence to statehouse. Unfortunately it’s hard to differentiate real soldiers like Hon Rigathi - Mp Mathira from fake & imagined supporters like Hon Rahab Mukami in this era when conmanship, deceit and hypocrisy takes centre stage in our politics.

Now, let me tell you something.

First, Ruto counted his chics even before they layed eggs. What he forgot is that tables do turn upside down and the Deputy President can’t weather this political storm. He cooked his goose that laid golden eggs the moment he started campaigning for the 2022 elections while the incumbent had a whole second term stretched before him. How dare? In his rallies he took centre stage and undermining his boss by not following the 48 Laws of Power & now for him, there is no reverse, he has passed the crescendo. Ruto lifted his political arsenal too early and woke up the kings inner circle saw a threatened throne and legacy.

Back then, there was a time when Raila Odinga carried much bigger headlines but we all know that he never became president at the end of it all. Ruto is a shrewd and ruthless politician with alot of zeal. My only worry with him is his arrogance and absolute open hunger for the big office. He should remember that he is working under a president who is powerful and enjoys the backing of some other influential figure in the name of Raila Odinga. Nobody should cheat you that he is strong or he has the people behind him; if he is strong enough he should resign and plan his own game like Mwai Kibaki & Kenneth Matiba did in the past. If today for instance, Raila Odinga supports Dr Fred Matiangi for President, trust me there will be no elections as Matiang’i will take an early landslide win and Ruto will be long forgotten and thrown into the political dustbins.

Comparing Ruto’s arrogance and open hunger for Presidency is United States Deputy president or Vice president that is the World superpower by an array of sheds, Mike Pence. Pence stands beside his Boss, President Donald J. Trump in daily Covid-19 pandemic briefings. Remember, Vice President Mike Pence was elected together with President Trump but we never hear him contradict his boss. Here in Kenya, we were once told in a presser it ain’t happening because the two top public servants even in normal circumstances cannot ride in the same vehicle in the interest of the nation. Well be it as it may, DP Ruto may need in this time of pandemic to reflect and take stoke. He may just need (post Corona) to do a total overhaul of his inner circle, mass firings and to some ‘social distancing’ because they are misleading him. He is alone; cabinet secretaries arent taking his calls and the security agencies are no longer interested in him.

The most difficult president to work with in my Opinion is the US president Donald Trump. The mass turnover of senior officials in the federal government during his tenure tells it all but look at his deputy Mr. Pence; he is calm, loyal and always by his boss without ruling out that he could have ambitions to be president of USA in future but he doesn’t even talk about it because the office is not vacant and he could easily be one as he has what it takes. DP Ruto too has what it takes but he has to leave a day at at time. I pray that he derives lessons from Mike Pence; humility or even Joe Biden who was very loyal to his boss and now earning the fruits of his loyalty; endorsement. Mark my word; President Uhuru is a team player more than President Trump and former President Barack Obama.

Keenly looking at DP William Ruto’s style of politics, what he says is the exact opposite of what he does in real life. All deputies to the previous presidents have been humble and submissive to their bosses but this one (Ruto) is arrogant, abusive, proud & know-it-all-person even to the extent of branding the presidents handlers as “crooks.” DP Ruto doesn’t learn from the late Daniel Moi’s many years of silence and absolute submissiveness to Mzee Jomo which in effect earned him presidency on a silver platter despite minor opposition from the likes of Kihika Kimani. Ruto shouldn’t underrate presidents intelligence. Ruto just dared the system not once but severally in a most severe way. Just like Raila; he will mobilize masses in a big way but he will be stopped by those who control state power from becoming president. He has fallen out of favour with the system he defended so much and made many enemies in the process. What he keeps forgetting daily is that he is a product of the system & he is using nondescripts like Dennis Itumbi to abuse the system. Of late, Ruto has discredited most Kenyans with their vote and support, for being proud, disloyal to his boss, being in almost every scandal that arises in Kenya, overstepping his mandate, being more of power thirsty than people oriented by starting campaigns as early as 2018 immediately after being sworn in for their second term; this and other shortcomings deny him the top the seat, and his dream completely reduces itself to a wet dream.

Ruto is surely alone. The people around him can not help. New political formations are set to begin but whoever joins Ruto is very likely to be in the opposition come 2022. Come 2022; let William Ruto start warming up to be the leader of the opposition, which is the most workable, and probable. Any other ambition of DP Ruto beyond the opposition leader post is a dream that can only be achieved in a very deep sleep.

Lastly, DP Ruto needs to tone down and ask his political cronies to stop attacking the system without substantial grounds. Tanga Tanga team should shelve politics and join president Uhuru Kenyatta realize the Big Four agenda. Let him ask Francis Atwoli Ebs or David Murathe. It’s over for William in 2022; he is cornered and the best he can try is in 2032 if he reinvents himself & reviews his strategies. But unfortunately, the career conmen and political lowlifes around Ruto are busy selling him false prophesy for fear of losing handout privileges.

This one’s wamepatana asubuhi wakitei, surely Kenyans ni Maisha mumechoka nayo ama ni nini. Unavaa suit unatoka kwako uende kutei then when you are busted 8 men hide in the toilet.


Ndio nimeona. Umeona ya Kajiado wanaume kaa 15 busted in a house drinking. Alafu Hawa police wamevaa mask kwa shingo. Yaani Kenya ni Mungu tuu.

Thread ya Corona unaijaza na Ruto???