Kenyans still waiting for Tanzanians to die

The Kenyan pro covid brainwashed fellows are busy waiting for mega burials in TZ. Wanjohi has fucked up our entire system.

Dar es Salaam is the new Economic hub in East Africa. Nyairofi is dead, inakimbizana na Khartoum sahi. Makofi kwa Wanjohi, we are finishing the journey.

This is a major misconception more like how JPM acts like Kenya is in competition with Tz. Every country took steps to mitigate their population against Covid-19 effects like Rwanda, UG & Ethiopia but it’s a problem for Kenya to do so. That bugger has self esteem issues like most Tznians have against Kenyans. Lastly, people are unbothered about what Tz is up to or what they want to do juu kila mtu ana pambana na hali yake so it’s a non issue.

Si uende megafool akupe kazi ya kumlamba mcoondu ghaseer.

Jungus expected Africans to be dying daily in thousands. So far it has not happened. This might even be bothering them.
If Nairobi is dying as you claim then I don’t see any reason to celebrate.

Shida ya Tz sijui huwa nini it’s like they have some serious inferiority complex issues when it comes to Kenya, they have wet dreams thinking of Kenya’s collapse Na hakuna mtu ana shindana nao ! Calling Dar the economic hub in the region is a joke , having worked there, Just a comparison even in airport arrivals is clear , by 9PM the airport there is morgue with about 2 flights ukifka JKIA it’s super busy now they are expanding without the demand of more flights just keeping up with the jonses !
I don’t deny Kenya is taking giant strides backwards but Dar has some catching up to do !

The same way busybodies normally compare Nairobi to Johanesburg is the same Tanzanians have their freedom to compare Dar to Nairobi (which is a very fare comparison).

So Tanzanians have no inferiority complex, that’s normal for economic comparisons. Your comment reflects exactly how South Africans feel when you compare Nairobi to Johannesburg; they think we have inferiority complex or we’ve become mad. But that’s life, you disregard who ever treads behind you.

You may not believe it, because you have not been outside the boarders of Bongolala land, but no Kenyan would rejoice in the death of Tanzanians.

For what?

Who cares about you people?

You’re clutching at straws buddy :D:D:D. I don’t remember Kenyans comparing Johannesburg to Nairobi, if you have those threads you can post the links here. Furthermore, I don’t think South Africans care about Nairobi, just as we don’t care that much about Tanzania and Dar. It’s the Tanzanians who keep posting thread after thread comparing themselves to Kenya, which speaks volumes about their self-esteem.

So according to you all Kenyans usually have their discussions on Ktalk? On Twitter whenever there’s a KE vs SA war; that comparison always pops up…

Guys have started eating the humble pie. Tanzanians won’t die. Politics is more important than walala hoi in Kenya. We were cursed

Relax brazza. You have come looking for us on our home turf. We didnt come looking for you at Jamii forums. So who is trying to be who?

You posted on Kenyatalk. I don’t care what happens on Twitter, just as I don’t care what happens in Dar or Tz. You conveniently forget that some of us here have called corona a scam and supported megafool’s relaxed handling of the situation.

Marrisa that Pombe Magachietha Ass licker

That is our buoy @captain obvious ,doing the needful for us,maliza hiyo ghasia kabisa.If possible translate to swahili ndio aelewe

Kwa hii topic napongeza magufuli kabisa he didn’t fall for blanket prophesies by the white man ati because he is dying of something it will be the same for Africans, magufuli as a Dr in chemistry spoke with other scientists wakaona waafrika tuko safe kiasi, but kina @D… Mungai wanaendelea Kupostpone mass deaths predictions za east africa mpaka itafika December

:D:D:Dif you spent some time somewhere in a big city,say even in north africa…once you land in Nairobi you understand.

Ghaseer wewe enda ukuwe economist wa magufool

Wapi your countryman @mbakuthesupreme ajaze thread na low IQ bonobo phrase?

So some guys here think I’m Tanzanian because I support their covid response? Some guys are fucked up for real, hawana buruwein. @Agwambo kwanza wewe ni shonde sana