Kenyans Steal Atm Machine

Kamukunji sub county, Buruburu.

Yes they, At about 2pm, a crew Commander of G4s reported that on 18/4/2019 loaded Mutindwa ATM machine within mutindwa road with ksh 7million, and today on 20/4/2019 they received information

They received info from Barclay’s bank that the ATM was not operational.They opened the machine and found ksh 6,290,000 missing. Scene visited & it was established that the ATM is not covered by CCTV It is also not manned by any guard.scene dusted by scenes of crime Personnel.

Always G4S.

Aren’t ATM machines loaded with GPS tracking devices?

@digi na story nusu nusu, did they steal the ATM or did they break into the ATM?

damn, very soon we will start seeing the bank robberies of the 80s and 90s

7 million and no CCTV at least. Seems like a recipe for disaster.

The e story does not tell of physical removal of the machine. It was emptied in place.

@digi, in his usual haste, wrote a misleading title.

Tulia, atakuja na new twist, on another thread

sijui ama ni vile these days we are used to people looting billions, 7m sounds like something not serious

Good 4 Stealing

Just like SWR: Stealing With Ruto

7m is pocket change.
The kickback of a kickback.

So was the atm stolen south african style or money was stolen from atm?

Chumpchange hata haijafikia ile personal loan Kabura alipatia the friend ule driver!

This is how you do it

Gone For Sure

there’s that too.

Thats some great teamwork. A job well done and no casualties

he was thinking in his mother tongue and typing in english.

If it’s like the movie barbershop, those things are hard to steal lol