Kenyans should organise their own presidential tally to avoid the shitness after election.

I believe in every of the 50000 pooling station there is a Kenyan who can send the presidential results. By 1200 Pm of the pooling date we would have the presidential results. Githeri media have the capacity but can’t do it. It’s possible. In every village there is internet connectivity. We don’t want to be taken in wrangles by people who don’t want to accept results.

Rao and Martha will be like ooh chebukati this chebukati that.

Pale Yurop, they have what is called exit polls, yaani washajua president before the official results na wakasonga. Murica, there is a media house called AP and it does what is called “calling” so if AP “calls” elections for you, inamaanisha wewe ndio mshindi, Vumbistan sielewi why that can’t happen. Anyway Itumbi promised that.

Ngavament says it is only iebc that can tally votes. They attacked Raila Odinga’s tallying center last time claiming some non existent laws allow them to. That man is foolish. he then befriended the Ngavament man who then Conned him out of his pants.

So archaic, that’s how elections lose transparency and incite claims of rigging.

This could be a brilliant idea by the way, only that it requires someone who has access to the names and locations of all the available polling stations.

Transparent Elections will only happen after we get transparent Leadership …

So which comes first …
The Chicken or the Egg … ??? :D:D

Not any different from our case. Exit polls ni opinion polls za mwisho just before elections, and they can be wrong like they were in Trump’s election.

On ‘calling elections’ our media would do it prior to 2007, especially in 2002. But since they are averse to truth, and they suck up to the authorities and this is a close election, they will shy away.

Makes sense

Elections and Governance Structures require reform, simplicity and honesty …

  • 41 countries x 4 MPs = 164 member parliament.
  • No “nominated” MPs.
  • AG / CJ / NSIS / CGS / Auditor General / Ombudsman / Ethics & Integrity , Speaker and Deputy Speaker get special non-voting advisory only memberships ( …they are appointed and not elected …)
  • Senators , Governors and MCAs abolished.
  • All elected positions to serve 2 x 5 year terms only (…no exceptions or extentions…)
  • Parliamentary elections to run separate from Presidential elections… candidates can run as Independents ( …KES: 1 million registration fee to eliminate “Jokers”…)
  • No Government funding or use of State assets to political parties.
  • The Public Service Commission to regulate terms of service for ALL State Employees including Military , Parliament , President and Judiciary.
  • A 2/3rds majority of the full sitting parliament ( 110 members out of 164 ) may impeach and remove from office any Political Office holder.
    Disciplinary action against any Civil Servant will be by the Public Service Commission.

With this in place , all of our current mess will come to an end … :D:D