Kenyans should learn to differentiate racism from market segmentation

Recently, many Kenyans have complained online and offline about how they are treated differently in high end hotels. However, most dont understand that these facilities were not built to target them. Every business has its target customers, and if you go there and dont fit their target customer description, they will largely ignore you. Put yourself in the shoes of an investor. You invest 1 billion shillings on a beach resort. Your target market is high end customers who are mostly tourists, rich businessmen and politicians. Your target client likes hanging out with their own and as such, they flood areas where other high networth people go to. However, there is a big problem. You have to serve coca cola, and you cant sell it at any price above 500. At that price, even the wrong target market can afford. So, you come to the resort only to find 100 campus leavers with their laptops enjoying free wi-fi and drinking soda plain. Wouldn’t you be forced to discriminate against them? When your target market (tourists and rich people) come and find campus leavers at the premises, they would never visit the place again. Sometimes it is not racism, it is simply market segmentation, and most Kenyans especially wannabe socialites dont know their position in the food chain. The next time you go and order the cheapest item on the menu of a 5-star hotel and receive poor customer service and bad looks from management, dont take it personally. You dont belong there.


The problem is not even with the ‘invisible’ management but rather fellow Africans who despite being as black as charcoal will definitely discriminate you although they have no problem treating a white client like a god even though that white is poorer than you. You know, the African looks at fellow African and sees nothing but poverty, ‘primitiveness’, mediocrity and so on.
As i recently stated, there is a very profound reason that the rest of the world treats Africans as sub-humans. If we Africans have very low opinion of ourselves , how do we expect others to treat us with some dignity.
Some say the western media is to blame for negatively portraying Africa…i ask this; who has prevented us from creating our own international media houses?
Again it’s quite nauseating when you view the scenario within the race-tribe context. The same Kamau busy preaching tribal supremacy while hiding behind an IP address is the same one who will start yelling when he senses being treated in a racist manner in western capitals.
The reason why many kenyans complain when they sense the slightest trace of racism in high end hotels is simply because of the old virus called insecurity and feelings of inferiority complex. Anyone not confident with his skin/build/class/marriage will be very sensitive to the slightest hint of ‘belittlement’. Try uttering a slight negative remarks about fat people in front of a fat woman.
Many white Americans wont mind when you tell them that it’s AAs who sustain basketball for the simple reason that they are confident with themselves. Try telling AAs that they aren’t that ‘good’ in academics and you see the kind of bile you’ll attract.
Insecure people-like KOT- tend to be very defensive.

Bottomline, Kenyans cant differentiate market segmentation from racism. Many hate to be told that they dont belong at Kempinski et al. I am against racism, but Kenyans should stop labeling market segmentation as racism. Usiende Hilton u-order soda baridi and expect ViP service, you are not the targeted client or simply put, hauko hiyo class.

Just like you wont find uhunye at a kibandaski, and if he happens to take a soda there for PR purposes, it makes it to the national headlines.


This is racism…not market differentiation.

@M2Random I get your point…but there is a very fine line between market segmentation and racism and the two are interchangeable depending on the skin color of the subjects. Lets say in a bar, the management targets whites but you as a Kenyan can afford to eat there, you try to access it but sadly you’re restricted. So when you raise hell unaambiwa na management that its market segmentation while wewe utakuwa ukilia ni racism…so for me racism na market segmentation ni one and the same thing and how it is portrayed will depend on the race of the subject.

Mimi kama birrionaire hii nimekataa.

Besides, high end chains as you claim usually have invested highly in their customer service so such cases of staff mistreating clients are rare.

And if you look at these so called ‘Segmentation’ usually happen with businesses owned by foreigners (well, most of them). They will allow a broke ass white man while refusing to admit a mwafrika; and still deny its outright racism…

if i dont belong there because of my poscket, what is the cheapest thing i can order from Hilton or Kempisky? i need an order and i dont want good treatment

In kenya’s situation , what you are referring to as market segmentation and racism are NOT mutually exclusive !



Just walk away its not hard. Kama artcafe discriminates basi enda Java hata huko kuna cappuccino na croissants.
I think shida Kenya ni that we are yet to embrace the tipping culture which some waiters expect as if ni their right

If a Caucasian went to a high end restaurant and ordered a soda only, would they be treated the same as a Kenyan who does the same thing? Nope! They would still get respect. Who told you that all white tourists are rich people? Tembea nje uone, most are just average, middle class folks who want to experience a safari holiday.

A sales executive, fresh from high school with no experience necessary has a greater job title and earns more than a diploma holder with 1 year experience plus computer literacy simply due to race? They say black people have to work 200% to get 50% recognition than non-blacks. Sad but true.

Vineyard in westie. Sat there for a whole one hour waiting for friends . No one bothered to ask me what I wanted . Some mzungu came in and all waiters were all over him before he even sat down. Then he just ordered krest.
Not just hotels/restaurants but shops and stores too. People will judge you bases on your clothes, skin colour, your car. It happens everywhere so just accept n just do your shit while you mind your P’s and Q’s

Honestly what you have described as market segmentation is bullshit. If those foreign business people attempted what they are doing to Kenyans in their home countries they would face a lot of backlash from consumer groups and most of them would actually start recording losses due to the poor online publicity.
The fact that a african is treated like dirt in some of the so called 5 star resorts and restaurant is nothing but pure racism and it has nothing to do with market segmentation because at the end of the day the only thing that should matter to the owner is that the customer entering their premises has the financial muscle to afford their products irregardless of the customer’s race.

I usually walk dress smartly with my Bajaj keys mkononi nikifika kwa hoteli naangusha juu ya meza ching… going waiters wanarespond kama wameitwa.