Kenyans sent dynasty parking via the ballot other side of the continent via the bullet

Despite our many short comings democratically we are mature compared to other African nations vai the ballot whether compromised or not we send dynasties home.
Via the ballot hata Kama it’s compromised we change power.
The bullet is the worse form of regime change




Sasa pro west ecowas itaanza vita in those 6 countries to restore democracy?

Surely this is the end of ecowas. They have painted themselves into a corner and now they cannot act to cover all their countries affected. This is the beginning of the end of ecowas, a toothless bulldog, a toilet paper lion.

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How was dynasty sent packing in Kenya? Uhuru retired after finishing his constitutional 2 terms.

Dint see bullets in West Africa

Ongeza Egypt and libya kwa hio list ya military takeovers.

Kenya despite hii ukabila yetu bado tuko sawa

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