Kenyans quarantine isn't time for orgies

Please keep 3 meters away and no sexual activity. We are fighting a very bad virus then some moongose is having a 3some Sijui 5some. Do you want the president to ban sex altogether ama what don’t you understand about keeping distance from the opposite sex. No wonder munapigwa nyahunyo.Kenyans ni VICHWA ngumu sana.

Corona ni disease inaweaken immune system pekee… Alafu sasa opportunistic diseases ndo zinakuua
So as far as Corona iko, ka we ni mtu healthy, enjoy sex as much as you can

Survival of the smartest. Mother nature is ruthless with the not so smart.

I just feel sorry for the kids , as for the husband he forgot the no1 rule , you can’t turn a whore into a house wife !

That one was a sex worker! But the guys pia walikuwa reckless.

I have a 1000, questions on that fidio,

  • the motive, -why the guys should show their faces , what was the intention, and then there such bad fuckers its just disgusting .aaaaagh!it gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

Kaambie your married, pregnant colleague kunguru wa Eldoret in a gangbang with three men hivo. Wengine sote we document that sheet as we strangle our gorillas with crude oil. Chieth!

Links za hiyo findyo tafasari

Effects za too much Xvideos. The only time a gangbang can be excused is when u are teenager through very early 20s.

U can’t be 30 yrs old na unapiga combi na wanaume wengine. Those men involved should really evaluate their lives. Halafu kuzidisha ni land whale walikuwa wanakula