Kenyans please learn the meaning of social distancing

I am from the super market to my chagrin Kenyans are squeezing on the queues like sardines ama PK kwa packet, the person behind me was literally breathing down my neck. I don’t know how Kenyans are squeezed all over. This concept is foreign to black people or rather Kenyans. Please guys one meter distance must be kept to avoid Corona. Why do Kenyan love squeezing one another on the line. I am not going to supermarket again wacha I just shop online coz I don’t like how Kenyans are defying government directives to keep a meter at least away.

Kapondi zamani you used to irritate me but now I just chuckle at your foolishness

One mitre muhimu…

It’s actually called personal space. You see the worst case in people from India. I remember everyone complained about them, especially those who are recently out of there. Always a hair within your face.

MMMMM huhuhuhu what are your other handles? no prizes for guessing.

Pia warabu hua hivyo.prob culture.

lemi translat for all my rural folk like @uwesmake ‘kapotty anasema hataki watu wamfinye’ …

Yes, and there should be a 2-month quarantine for ugly people.

I asked the manager why they’re not advising customers that they can’t be so close together akanishow it’s a way of keeping off the people who jump queues.

Angalia panty yako lazima alikumwagia Kwa mkundu makena

Explain this to us, please: