Kenyans on r/kenya are p*****s


If they are kenyans direct them here tuwapinge ma sweep waache ubaby na umama…reddit nilikuwa naingia kitambo kuchokoza majungu…but as a true African man naingianga tu place naweza post thoughts zangu in kiswahili

wokeness inamalisa watu

Na wewe mwenye umekimbia KTalk kushtaki Redditors ati they hurt you because they don’t like you…? Since you’re a wolf battle hao majamaa huko not running to a different forum howling.

not me… mine is under my name

Ni ukweli, they try so hard to ape the American Reddit. Only less than 5% of Kenyans can relate to their elitist experiences. For a subreddit that claims to be about Kenya, it’s rare to come across common Kenyan expressions or even swahili/sheng words. Sio kama hapa Kenyatalk where most people type the way they’d hold an actual conversation. r/Kenya doesn’t feel authentic. It reminds me of Kenyan musicians, who go out of their way to ape western trends then get surprised that Tanzanians are more popular.

They are sheep sired by wolves. Wewe wolf nyemelea tudem twao kondoo (Ewe is a female sheep) na upige hao kende proper

Kama hajatumia ghaseer takataka and why are you ghey huyu si talker

Huko sub Reddit Iko siku nimevuruga mashoga Hadi nikapewa ban. Since then I have never set foot in that shithole. Sijui kama walinipea parole.

huko nimecheza chini