Kenyans now stuck in Milan and other Italian cities

1500 Kenyans are stuck in Italian cities, Sasa wale wa China wamesaulika. Africa is Paradise ni vile watu hawajui.

We don’t have tornadoes or harricanes, we don’t have winters. Just hot sun and a billion tropical diseases.

It’s a paradise no doubt. But weather phenomenon can be overcome.

Kwetu pazuri

@digi kihii leta hekaya please

The govt. should do all it can in it’s power to ensure the safe evacuation of sister @Finest wine from the ravaged streets of Europe.
I am calling on all Kenyans of goodwill wherever you are to join hands and airlift this national treasure. Kungu the pilot wherever you are, your skills are needed now more than ever to bring home @Finest wine , mother of five and grandmother of three. Words fail me whenever I imagine she is so helpless…

Our sister’s last known photo :


Wow @patco very funny, it seems the humor rubs off from Churchill :D:D:D:D:meffi::meffi:

Just like I suspected. I’m never wrong. Lap dog, nilijua board of governers watakutuma ASAP.

“Kimbia kagui! Huyo peremende hawezi tukana purple namna hio. Go dilute that comment, pronto!”


Mmekuwa very predictable.