Kenyans loathe hospital staff.

I work in a busy hospital.Most of the days,i get to work by 7am and start working almost immediately,even though I ought to start at 8. some days i work till 6pm with a 1 hr lunch break,some days i just work without lunch(nature of the job). Today,i came across a post by some raia,in one of the many groups where people vent,and the discussion topic was the very same hospital where i toil. I had never felt disgusted in my entire existence prior to reading the complaints! I have now recovered from the shock,then it got me thinking,is it really worth it? Men and women ganging up to ignorantly incite others,to even beat up doctors and nurses? Some with sensational claims of having to wait up to 8 hrs to be attended to,those whose egos wasn’t massaged and are suing for rudeness of health staff,what fckry is this? When your turn to see a doctor reaches,you expect him to listen to you,examine you and even offer advise even when the only thing disturbing you was the Manchester united loss and the subsequent hangover that followed.Do you worry that the doctor has taken too much time on you at the expense of your equally disoriented friend waiting in line. Not worth it at all,

You are here ranting rather than doing your job?Go back to work and update at your free time, meffi.

Wewe, kuna kitu huitwa off, na leave.:slight_smile:


I took a boda boda accident victim to KNRH on a certain Friday last April at exactly 5:20pm he was stitched the following day at 9:15am ,the frustration I saw at that hospital was terrible !

How many people can 1 person possibly stitch? answer that and you’ll find where your problem is

KNRH ni gani?

I understand the situation and I have ran a few wellness programmes in hospitals and also written a paper on this. Unfortunately stress among health care workers is usually high especially in the Kenyan context. The first research revealed critical gaps and we are now seeking funding for a second qualitative research in order to explore this issue further. I could share more but I would risk exposing myself. Most importantly recognize that you are under stress and take simple personal measures like resting, exercise and even opening up to friends about the issue. Also consider switching jobs if possible and look for a private hospital with a wellness program. There is a lot more you can do…so make google your friend.

A colleague was telling us just this sato how he had struggled with bleeders on a massive fibroid only for the woman and her husband to completely turn refuse to pay for services,afterall their pastor had prayed for them and God had healed her. its a stupid world

unafanya kazi gani hapo hospitali? nurses are some of the rudest, if ever there was such a word, hospital staff around.

or just quit altogether.

Those nurses have to deal with alot.I am no one but you should know that a nurse here in kenya,has to attend to a mixture of problems,notwithstanding the numbers she has to deal with…it is a nightmare for them,i wouldnt want to trade places with them.

Not necessarily, you should learn to manage stress because it can occur even in private life. All that you have to avoid is intense stress that recurs too often. Also learn the symptoms of stress as most people do not comprehend these.

That’s true plus they have to deal with hospital acquired infections, violence, rude clients, heavy workloads, unnecessary record keeping in addition to other job challenges.

you’ve now decided that am stressed? Isorait

You are the category this worker is ranting about their ranting!!

Kenyatta National Referral Hospital(KNRH)

Night duty today,worry if you find me online at night bro

Those working hours are very tight my friend… everyone experiences stress. In fact stress is vital for normal functioning of our bodies. One author refers to stress as the “normal wear and tear of the body”. However when its too low or too high that where the problem is. Ideally everyone should have effective stress management strategies some take yoga, others meditation, some acupuncture etc etc myself I read and cycle

You don’t have to… My experience with health-workers is that their health, in many situations comes last. yet we have developed so many guidelines to guide the workforce…sijui biosafety biosecurity regulations, mara safe phlebotomy guidelines, mara health care waste management guidelines etc etc… yet utapata lab tech akikunywa chai ndani ya lab na kikombe inaekwa kando ya specimen

you have a point though these seminars on how to manage work related stress are always a sham,same old approaches being taught…