Kenyans let's be proud of our academic achievements like Merus

I have never heard of a Meru with a fake degree for that matter, watu wa some Bwana. This is very unfortunate ati unataka kukuwa governor of Nairobi and you fake a degree with a university called team in Uganda after being discontinued from UON. Follow good example of Merus.Kenyan leaders need to follow the good example of Meru MCAs who are the most educated in the world. We don’t need to go to the High Court and a six judge bench to prove that you went to school and you wanna be a governor of people who have 20 degrees conferred like Wanjakoyah. Sakaja and UDA you are a shame to the entire country. You are supposed to be a role model. Shame on you and your UDA people.

But Meru isn’t the best performing county. Wezi ni wale wale.

sitambui Sakaja. Hafai, ata kidogo.

What about professor Njoka of Chuka University. Ama Ni mchuka si mmeru

mithika linturi haku graju-8. Sorry, si mithika ni mborana?