Kenyans kuchezewa

Yaani all of us are games and subjects being played by two families.
No wonder bibi yai is being pushed by desperation.

In this case, I think the fatso is lying about aliar

Na bado the interesting developments are starting. RAT actually thought Kenyatta family was doing all these then hand over power to him:D:D:D:D:D. He is given 10 billion handcheque then the Presidency. Utalipwa bribes then pia kiti. Very foolish man. RAT right now is fully dependent on President Uhuru apende, asipende. Simply because of one thing, access. To gain access to government, security, Intel and money remains with President Uhuru goodwill. It can be stopped in a second. Then where will RAT go? Wanjigi, Jaffer, joho or governors to seek money again? He burnt his network thinking handcheque is eternal. RAT political alliance is maxed at 3 years. Handcheque days are over.

giddy entrance to succession pushed RAT out. Unlike RAT, giddy is sort out by Kenyatta family. They look for him at his private office. He has nyayo $1.5 billion stashed loot abroad. They agreed he co finances their lineup and therefore he become a joint principal/puppeteer. 2022 has reduced to a Kalenjin affair. The aloof “prince” vs Chief Hustler. That’s is why even President Uhuru is leading bbi alone. The recent leaks also show why RAT remains an outsider aka a tool to pass through ruBBIsh.

Cerelac coalition deserves contempt. Çowards and puppets.

Kibwana and Murkhisa are moving from one mistake to another in their foot in mouth decisions.

Men, we as Hustlers gladly see how things just fall in place.

I have always been of the firm belief that Jakuon should not have decamped to Jubilee. He betrayed his supporters who are still wildly cheering him on and cost us an opposition. Making Kenyatta’s second term a v easy ride. Each time he comes close to clinching what he has always desired anajitoa nyama kwa mdomo. 4 ys is not long in politics, he should have waited patiently. Sasa ona vile kunaenda…
WSR was thrown out of post akaenda zake…as for Kivutha…words fail me.

Niaje beb. How is randan?

We are guud. Hatutaki kelele mingi…coming out of winter in 6 weeks and lockdown iishe next month. Watoto warudi shule, pubs, salons etc to be re-opened. Prob is tujungu tujinga tumeamua kuchafua meza over Easter to make up for a lost xmas. Then turudi lockdown tena yawa. And so on and so forth.:mad:

Hizo leaks ziko wapi

Woi…huku ni BBI tu.

Pitisheni tuu. Hatukuji. Kivutha has let us down. No fire in his belly, folded by Jakuon like an old tent. So bado tuko nyuma ya WSR.:smiley: