Kenyans , keyboard warriors Its time

As it has been said all over the country from the taxin den kayole to VIP Sankara , the JUDICIARY has failed us . we know 45% of the judiciary is dirty . Magistrates denying bail to a known suspect a judge granting the bail after meeting Ombeta . We need to mulika all these margistrates and judges on a daily basis . lets judge them in the public court from twitter to ktalk to myspace .

Why cant corruption cases above 1 million be heard straight by the high court badala ya ku waste time na majistret then izungushwe kortini mpaka tusahau .

Why cant corruption cases be heard by specific judges who report straight to the CJ on a daily basis .

Why cant suspects with more than one corruption case like Kidero , Moi , Gichuru , Patni , Mudavadi , Ruto , Somaia , Ojienda , Wako all gavanasss ( arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh all rich kenyans, nimechoka ) be detained without bail .

Why cant people found guilty of corruption be given the death sentence since that machine he stole led to the death of cancer patients .

lets mulika the judiciary and prosecutors on individual basis . kama huyo mbukusu ghassia Khaemba alipea Waititu anticipatory bail na hana powers , na pia huyo OCPD fala incompetent kukubali hio bail na anajua majistret hana powers ,

Tuanze hapa @Electronics4u tupatie sekshen ya kuanika hawa majamaa . section iita corrupt judiciary characters .

twende kazi nimemulika huyo mbukusu mwenzangu ghassia ,

Because those that are supposed to detain and prosecute them are their friends and relatives…ala! mbona uko slow hivi?

This is a death wish na zile kickbacks we huchukua

tumesema above 1 million

The entire system is rotten. Hata huyo DCI munasifu hakuna kitu. Wasn’t he ordered twice by the court to go and retest the fertilizer he claimed had mercury and he refused? 15 months in office and no results to show. Just PR stunts

:D:D:D ngombe wewe


there cannot be justice in the world, that’s why Jesus went to prepare a place for us, a place without corrupt lawyers and judges


huyo ghassia Haji kwanza ishike baba yake , we are phucked

Huyu jamaa yani bado ako na guts ya kuita mtu mwizi??ndiyo maana niliachana na kanisa

This to me was the last nail on the head as regards the dpp.

Sasa ona. The idiot has no moral grounds to speak against corruption and theft na kuna watu wanamskiza. He still have followers even after outright swindling of their own savings. Why should Kenyans give such people credit to speak infront of them?

This Jubilee government might not survive the tough times ahead. It’s going to be very very hard to survive

Sh35bn slotted for SGR loan payment in revised budget - Business Daily

Loan repayments to China will more than triple in the financial year starting July 2019 as the five-year grace period that Beijing extended to Kenya in May 2014 for SGR funds comes to an end.

Kumbe unakula peanut kickbacks, meff!

Products.of specifically Alliance na St Marys.Wameharibu nchi

@Okiya ni fertilizer ama sukari ilikuwa na mercury?

lazima nifiche black