Kenyans just Copy and Paste

On average , waKenya huwa wamekafunga huwa kwa Healthcare, home health proprietors being on top and the other group huwa transporters , owner operators of trucks being on top. That’s the average.
There are some sectors of the US economy that have been designed in a way , foreigners can come in and thrive, while other aren’t that easy to thrive.
For instance, how many Architectural firms do you know that were established and are being operated by Kenyans in the US ? Very few or none.

Kelele ya Nini?

The thing about YouTube is originality in delivering content.Something most Kenyans lack or their IQ cannot deal with.Even here in Kenya,the same problem exist everywhere.

For instance,someone in the US,like BigDawsTv or Thatjusthappened will do their thing,when doing it you can tell some cultural, lifestyle aspects of the US…then someone here decides to copy,instead of keeping it real like it is here,they try to force things to look like they look and happen in the US!! WTF?

The same nonsense happens in music, :school: housing etc

It’s open source,but keep it real my people,kama wewe ni mtu ya muziki imba kwa Kikuyu or luo or Luhya or Swahili and give us good music,just like the Nigerians sing their pigin and we enjoy or tanzanians na mashairi yao,or south Africans…upuuz kama ya ule mjaluo hurap is only interesting for a few minutes.

Anyway,I have watched i_am_marwa since he started his YouTube todate.He keeps it real,nyinyi wengine mnataka kuonekana high class yet we know Africa.

End of rant.