Kenyans just Copy and Paste

I’ve been seeing this trend where Kenyans who go abroad and those who have been living there are all starting YouTube channels.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a YouTube channel but all these people were nowhere to be found a while ago. All of a sudden, they see one or two Kenyans making videos about life in America / Gulf or wherever they are and NOW every Kenyan abroad is making videos about life in their respective countries and curating their content for Kenyans in the fatherland.

It started with HukuYues and now there’s a billion Kenyans doing this. You can tell that they copied and pasted from guys like hukuyues because their content is not original.

They have zero talent to attract non-Kenyan viewers. If you’re starting a YouTube channel, stop making Kenyan content when you already live in London for example. There’s only 50 million Kenyans. Why not try to make your content global by targeting the international audience? Yaani Kenyans can’t see far at all. Macho inakuanga imefungwa. You see guys still curating their content for Kenyans when they can target the 400M Americans in the country they now reside in.

Omwafrika ata umtoe Nairobi akili is always limited. Their brains can’t understand that there’s more out of Kenya than within. Watu shortsighted kabisa.


Long as it makes them money/ views they’ll keep doing it. Same way kila mtu siku hizi ako na bnb kama side hustle

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They could do much better. This is no different than everyone who is building bedsitters in Eastlands.


Why fix what isn’t broken?

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Kuna show ingine niliona is very popular with them kids, their main superstar is TheyPluto or something like that. Pluto with his camera crew approach a young college couple that’s pretending to be dating, they are coerced into revealing each other phone messages and texts and if one is caught cheating on the other, the other party reacts the way they would like the viewers to get entertained. When the guy got a huge following, other offshoots of that program grew, I understand there are over 20 different guys doing that very concept. I wouldn’t know, this what I’ve been told, I don’t watch such shenanigans.

I made a fake Instagram account to chew hot gals…i can tell you kila dem ako na over 1k followers anasema yeye ni content creator…all YT and Tiktok links. Some of the shittiest content i have seen. But vile hakuna jobs kenya… most youths are trying online content creation hoping to suck in corporate sponsors


You watch such shity scripted content? Nimekukosea heshima leo ghaseer hii


Wangechi, I don’t have time to argue with an illiterate Chikuyu boy. If you can’t read just keep quiet and let us assume you’re being wise, than open your mouth and prove us wrong

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You’ve reminded me of some talker here who suggested that Instagram is the modern hunting ground. I think it was you.

I had an Instagram with posts of me in very exotic locations but it was private. When I saw that post/comment, I changed it to public and added a Kenyan flag and I kid you not, I immediately started getting slay queen followers from Kenya all interacting with my instagram posts/stories like nonsense. Kwanza vile these thots like the high life na post tu story nikiwa at some rooftop bar wearing some nice watch Alafu I tag the location. These Kenyan women chew that shit like mad. Sijui Nilikuwa nimelalia maskio wapi.


Salute to hukuyues, he demystified life mayuu, kenyans in the diaspora na roho zao black have always played the role of rat gate keepers, mtu yuko mayuu lakini hawezi peana true pic of what life is all about. Kazi ni kusema vile life ni ngumu huko. watu bure kabisa.

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wachana na wakikuyu, if fact you don’t only watch bado mkiwa na wamama wenzako mna discuss hizo scripted chieths baadaye, mbwa wewe

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When you go to Rome, do as the Romans.

There’s two types of Kenyans majuu:

  1. Professional Kenyans working in banking, finance, tech, engineering, healthcare etc
  • This group is enjoying life majuu so they’ve got no time to shoot YouTube videos or post on Twitter about life majuu. Kenya doesn’t matter to them anymore
  1. Watu wa masaa (people who work minimum wage jobs……mostly illegal ones ama those who haven’t yet established themselves)
  • These people work multiple jobs 16 hours a day and don’t have time to chit chat about how life is mayolo
  • I’m surprised Hukuyues has time since he belongs in this category

Most people don’t have time to chitchat with Kenyans because they have their own life, their friends, their families etc. Very few people try to interact with Kenyans back home when they come here ata online.

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Kaka, wewe uko category ya watu wa masaa?


lol_idi_amin (2022_01_12 09_34_18 UTC)


Si afadhali ningebaki Kenya basi

You think it is easy to get an American audience with your heavy Kenya accent, black skin, and nothing special to show them?? People follow the path of least resistance and that path is targeting Kenyans who want to view how life abroad is. Those Kenyans know that there is very limited competition there unlike targeting 400 million Americans where your channel will be buried in a sea of channels. Watu sio wajinga vile unafikiria buana. And what they are doing is totally normal and benefits the viewer. Competition ni lazima you cant have five guys making those videos for eternity.

Hii unasema copy and paste ni normal market forces which eventually benefit the viewer - you. It forces youtubers to up their game as they fight for that audience.


Exactly. Copying is good since it improves quality. We would never have mercedes, volvo, bmw, toyota etc if they never copied the original Ford.

Also a kenyan youtuber has a huge potential audience not just of kenyans but also tanzanians, ugandans, congolese, rwandans, comoroans, diaspora which can run to 300m if they use swahili and the african audience grows exponentially when they use english coz now nigerians, ghanains, south africans etc are added to the mix.

Tuonyeshe content yako which targets a global audience


Tunaeza sema everyone copy pasted youtube’s founder na ile video yake ya zoo.

Benz made first car also motorcycle and his wife was the first driver,but point imefika.