kenyans in the diaspora

Yeah, that explains the first pic.

ata mimi sijui

I think nobody can go there except for tourism purpose, coz they are overpopulated and they are allover the world, crime, drugs is their order of the day. Wakipata job they never go back in their country, they live and spend like there is no tomorrow, na mtoto akizaliwa akiwa kilema ananyolewa wanamkula. Tornadoes swipes them yearly so no need of big houses, they mostly build baboo houses.

Huko ni Kwa Durtere mwenye huwa tunasema anatwanga kazi vilivyo

Mmoja alijaribu hizo na mimi kwa metro one time nkienda Ibn batuta, nlimsukumia kahasho akakohoa

Everywhere you go, you’ll find some ignorant people who may behave this way, nothing strange .
You will also find a lot of open minded people who are well informed and exposed.
You dont see this in Africans becuase we are generally very welcoming , although we also have a notion that white people are better than us, can’t ignore this fact.
All in all Africans are pure at heart most of the time .
Note Africans here , means inhabitants of Africa not those black American guys .


Some Africans, especially men, need to learn proper hygiene! Unapata kimsee kinanuka jasho kama meffi, unaoga na sabuni ya kipande and you don’t use colgne and antiperspirant, because you are ‘macho?’ What do you expect?

Chinkus are very uncivilised, you go there and you see kids taking shit on a beautifully paved side walk and noone gives a shit…But you’ve got to know their history and for you to understand their mannerisms.

lakini pia watu waoge na waache kunyamba nyamba ovyo ovyo.

Some members of pastoralist communities hardly bathe and smear animal fat… if you sit next to one its utter torture.

Ukimpatia lift, anaacha skid marks kwa kiti!! Usinikumbushe

You’re ignorant! Using stereotypes on an entire population. That’s like saying Africans are uneducated, ignorant, unitelligent, violent savages.

We would down on each other, why should we be shocked when other races do it to us?

They are like that, what do pokots have in common?

I read that some South Asians stink due to spicy food and lack of hygiene.

Philippines is a shitty country, hasemi uongo.

Mimi huko interior Russia lazima niende ninunue plot na nijenge nyumba ya matope .

Siberia ni ice tupu, matope utatoa wapi?

I think it’s just that different races are predisposed to have certain natural body odours.Africans have a more pronounced,stronger BO,African women usually have a stronger body odour inspite of them being very hygenic especially as they gain weight,white folks also have their own funny body odour that needs getting used to.Ironically i have never noticed our typical strong BO in carribien and AA women,African dudes can also have a strong smell of sweat and BO.maybe because of how our sweat glands have adopted to this climate,That is why i advice people esp dudes to shower twice in a day if possible or if not ,early morning-two rounds on one shower,if you shower late evening you will sweat and have odour in the morning ,shave arm pit hair and reduce pubic hair (not all) and put on some nice smelling cologne after you shower and before you leave the house,never ever ever repeat boxers and use proper bar soap to wash it,make sure ot becomes dry before reuse,also cologne is very important,recently i left the car behind and sat next to this lady who had strong BO,i couldn’t take it so i alighted the bus early,i think she noticed i was uncomfortable :frowning:

Piper Chapman(orange is the new black) > ‘I’m sorry, do I smell?’