kenyans in the diaspora

is this how you are treated like monkeys.???
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aaai. the camera timed when they were sneezing!


Labda hawa wasee wame achilia mshuto zingine zile za kuua inzi

hahaha.acheni utoto

Never gave a shit what racists think. But this doesn’t look like racism.
If I see someone taking a selfie next to me and there’s a chance I might be in the frame I will place my palm over my nose and cover half my face.

Mna nitia wasiwasi na nataka kuenda Europe

Asians are so Fucked up in their levels of beauty the whiter you are the hotter you are ,being tanned or black represents poverty to them .That’s why they lighten themselves to look pale they even descriminate darker looking asians especially in india .

Some Indians are pitch black, and you will get them discriminating against black people.

Always say China is a 3rd world country with 1st world infrastructure and development.
They are very uncultured and uncivilized sometimes it’s shocking!

But si hata huku unapata watu wamejibleach…

They are calles Desi indians .Its coz they get discriminated from the light Indians. It’s like their defence mechanism to make themselves feel superior

In Africa it’s not in deep as such,they just want to emulate the in thing like the girls in tv.In asia it’s dates back centuries ,The rich colonisers had really light skin and the Asians were dark from working under the sun in farms .So they kept trying to reach those European standards till date

Hawaii in wafillipino WA Dubai

What are they trying to imply by covering their noses?

This is very common na Philippines in dubai coz their country is very poor and they dont school. So they hate africans coz they are better in everything, so for them to feel special they console themselves with that.


How shitty are they, how is it then for blacks in Philippines

We are also guilty of racist overtures from time to time. It may be subtle at first but when you think about it, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I have seen Indians, Chinese racially profiled and tsunted by Kenyans. :rolleyes: