Kenyans in majuu, what do you do for a living?

Kenyans in the US, what do you do for a living? Is it possible to build a career in any field, or your immigrant status limits your options to the typical ‘immigrant’ jobs like nursing?

I’m talking about maodinari, the guys who went to kawaida mwanainchi schools, folks who stepped on US soil with a heavy African accent in tow, not the Makini school & Breiburn types…

The truth is most of that money is from Somalis to other Somalis in Kenya. Talk to the Western Union guys and they will confirm what I’m saying. Kenyans are also picking up the habit because of that phenomenon I learned recently called FOMO

Fafanua zaidi

Kuhusu FOMO? Fear of missing out. When Kenyans abroad read that billions are being sent home every year by “Kenyans” they feel the need to do the same. So they call Urithi Housing Sacco and become clients themselves.

WaSomali si wanatumia hawala? the system is more often than not under the radar of statisticians and the amounts involved not captured when data on remmitances is recorded.

Could be but my sister who works at a place in Pangani told me that Somalis receive obscene amounts of money at her place of work. Apparently you can mpesa someone from abroad nowadays

@screwplus kam kiasi

huku ni wapi ? hapana haribia shule nilisomea jina

Mjamaa wacha kukojolea thread!

Huku Diaspora(Rongai) mimi hujaza Orokise before zitoke

Mimi huosha tumzee huku texas

First of all accent means shit if you are skilled in what you do…wacha kujilimit hivyo…second the states is trash but they pay well in certain jobs depending on state…third get papers and apply for scholarships to further your studies…plus naskianga you can jump ship while studying in states…start of in nursing end up with an engineering degree…its all about proper planning and discipline… And never think about taking it easy…in the these ways of life…una struggle ukielekea goal post never be complacent… .Kukaa comfort zone nde is a no till you reach your goals… And btw i don have an accent and am okay…
@junkie nimekusadaidia. .

@Swansea mdau come utushow kama kuosha tucucu mikia pays

mumias si texas umbwa hiii

US is shit these days. Especially if you’re from a shithole country. Just ng’ang’ana hapa Kenya, you’ll make it.

Sisi watu wa philly mnatulizanga nini?

Who still uses western union to send money to Kenya from the US. So kuna mpesa.

I have a cousin in Texas.

Kwani nursing so career.

Nitagie wale watu wamajuu pris, can’t tag them, Niko on phone…