Kenyans in Garissa&Tana advised to move to higher ground to avoid drowning

Heavy rainfall from various parts of Kenya has led to filling and overflowing of all dams. The dams are now producing 300 m cubic per second. Emergency evacuation underway to avoid drowning in especially Lower Tana and Garissa areas. According to Energy CS Keter.

Busia and Kisumu to affected by flooding. Government will provide food relief and non food items to all affected according to Eugene Wamalwa.

Thanks @TrumanCapote . Kuna link?

It was a presser. Lemme find you the link.

There is water overflow from Masinga, Kamburu, Gitaru, Kindaruma and Kiambere. Now here lies the problem, these dams are fully capable of controlling flooding in downflow regions of Tana, but shida ni the Dams have been turned to business. They don’t care about the floods hawa mind zao ziko kwa pesa ya stima etc.

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Keter said that all dams are full and now overflowing at a rate of 300m cubic, in 2 days several low lying areas will be flooded. Evacuation to schools in higher areas is already packed. Red cross needs tents.

If the dams were focused on floods control they would not be full, The reality is the dams are more focused on business than flood control thus the result.

Which business? Educate us please.

The Energy business (Kengen has always been at the forefront of accusations when flood happens), the department of water has been asked several times why they cant establish dams along river tana to control the recurrent floods and facilitate irrigation. The water experts will tell you the existing dams are more than capable of regulating the floods. Any way an alternative had to be sought, the county of tana river has taken initiative to establish ecological villages at risk free areas. The people have been encouraged to shift to these villages but they dont want to, another problem.

I’ve seen a tweet from Abduba Dida ati the money that was meant to make dams have enough capacity were stolen. Or is he talking about Kimwarer and Aror?

There were plans to establish more dams for irrigation purposes and flood control, even money was allocated. Those plans apparently vanished with the wind.

The rain is not alot its just lack of management. There are countries with alot of rain but they don’t have flood every year like Kenya. I hope today Big Story KTN news will bring experts on the matter to enlighten us.

just curious here…is every area of nbo receiving water through nwsc? Or is water rationing still ongoing?:oops: