Kenyans in Diaspora

There’s something I’ve never understood about this Kenyans living in diaspora. You were born and bred in the thickets of laikipia, a place where human - animal wildlife conflict is the norm of the day. Chances are you chery even saw it’s’ last 'time in a maize plantation, . But after landing from abroad… The first thing, the jungu in you wants to do, is to visit masaya mara". You accent may “change”… But melanin ni ile ile… What animal do you want to see, you never saw while growing up…

Can’t relate the only place I’ve ventured outside Kenya is Sofia Uganda.

I’m pissed by this cousin of mine we grew together… But he sees us as lesser human beings… Smh Africans though

Messeyih marrah is a bearriful place to visit.
Tha balloon rides are to die for.:D:D

Maybe it took staying away from this beautiful land for them to realize & appreciate just how amazing Kenya is

Couldn’t have said it better.

Wish I could hear you pronouncing that word

I love exploring Kenya,God gave us a goddamn beautiful piece of rock to live on.We need to appreciate our land more than foreigners.

Ahahahaha…Ask admin to weka an audio option.

You must have not traveled.

Wacha wivu mblo.Stop hating.Sioni shida yeyote hapo

Hakuna shida. I ain’t hating just thinking loud

I die… Tureshiria mant langanat kena neivasha… :D:D:D:D:D:D

Oh yes,mant langanat ni kweggah munoh, twathireh na mah darling en the place was verry verry charming, noh mwedwah wakwa anogiray munoh kuhaishah kirimah kiu,kinya akiremwoh ni werrah thet night. Ihinda reuh raygay tugathii mambathah kana melindi or ukunda.:D:D:D:D:D:D

I’m sure there are many Kenyans who have never stepped foot in Maasai Mara despite living a few hours away. Halafu unakuja majuu unaskia mzungu akisema alienda camping Masaai Mara for the whole summer and even slept among the lions. Na wewe the only lion you’ve seen is a half dead one in a cage at Animal Orphanage. Manze it’s embarrassing!

As for the accent I can’t comment. As a general rule I always go back to default settings when speaking to my fellow Africans. I find it foolish trying to talk like a mzungu to an African. What’s the point?

He he he he, none of these people will understand. Ile umalaya iko Sofia Uganda ni mbaya.

I can relate. In campo when out on trips to Mombasa, bus ikivuka voi nasahau sheng kiswahili inakuwa na accent

He he he he he he! Washanga madharau ndogo ndogo nanii…

Funny thing is that thet kashosho is 60 but still insists on mgongo wazi and three quarter trousers:D:D:D:D

Interesting… Kuja texas… You would think you are in kiambu…