Kenyans in Chartubate

Most of the kenyans in chartubate are the most boring ugly shits i have ever seen there. They think money there is made by just being naked and sleeping in bed showing your nakedness (and most are ugly though wanachafua macho) - do they even make anything. They are bitten hands down by south africans.

Kenyans - up your game in chartubate or tokeni mkalime!!!

Si juzi ulisema umewachana na Malaya. Why pay to see "ugly naked " kenyans ladies?

You’d be surprised at the kind of nonsense that turns on those wazungu degenerates. It’s not unheard of for perverts to pay just to look at a girl’s toes.

Wazungu wanapenda mifupa

Big up!

Our definition of “juu” and yours are very different

Vitu ugly sana. At least huyo ako na tattoo ni curvy kiasi

Can we just make this thread the official kenya chaturbate thread link?

Im curious to see how Kenyan women are on that site. Post links if you have them kind sirs

chaturbate you don’t pay kusafisha macho - it’s free!!!

Hiyo ni serial wanker

ugly bitches


You pay if you’re feeling sufficiently philanthropic

The one on the left ni munchable

Unfortunately they’re not shemales otherwise ungekuwa ushamwaga.

Wakenya ni wengi sana…

Son you have big problem with your self esteem… now from paying for sex in brothels to chaturbate now… only simps pay for nudes or porn

Am there looking for business opportunity niweke wakenya kadhaa hapo waniletee pesa nilipe tax uwekewe maji ya kaju

yaani watu wanalipa kuona hawa madem ama nini? sielewi.

its free unless you fee rutoish!!!