Kenyans hawked beer on Waiyaki Way from overturned KBL truck

There was free party along Waiyaki way after an truck ferrying beer overturned. Thirsty peasants helped themselves in presence of AP officer trying to guard the wares.
They were thanking God for the accident.

Cc @Motokubwa


Wamefurahi lorry imeanguka. Wanaomba mungu asaidie ya nyama pia ianguke hapo karibu.

Punda Ni punda tuuuuu

When I was a kid I used to pray gari imebeba elliot’s bread igongane na ya coca cola hapo kakamega road. Parte after parte

I’m beginning to suspect this is a scam. Mtu anaiba crates nusu alafu anaangusha lorry. Notice the lorries are not usually involved in corishons. The drivers are probably stacking crates on one side and taking a sharp turn. Lorry inatip na wanachi wanabeba efidense yote.

Who pays for the spilt beer? Is it the distributor or EABL?

Insurance. Until it arrives at the distributor warehouse it EABL property