Kenyans Don’t Own Anything

I plan on coming to Kenya this December so I’ve been looking at hotels in Lamu/Malindi/Diani where I’ll be hiding as I gallivant the Kenyan coast.

I’m a big panafricanist so I always try to spend my money on African owned (I mean BLACK KENYAN owned) businesses.

Man, I’ve been having a hard time finding JUST ONE of those luxury hotels/villas on the beach owned by a Kenyan.

Bana nyinyi watu mliuza nchi kwani? Bure kabisa meffi ya kuku.


Si unirushie Padek Filippi moja ukirudi mkumbwa


Si ulisema wewe ni billionaire. Sasa Padek Firimbi na ni only a few millions inaweza saidia tycoon Kama wewe kweli


Baki tu huko

Kaaaa huko umbwaa hatutaki kunukishwa shonde


The truth is hotels in kenya are expensive. Actually its cheaper in Spain or the Antalya region in turkey which is always sunny and much cheaper.
Kama uko nyumbani spend your xmas in your house in shags.


@applebee100 after being a slave for white people for all those years, don’t you have a house in Nyari, another in Nyali and a yacht?

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Alisema ako worth other 3M dollars…huyu ni bazuu :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

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they’re expensive because the foreign companies that own them charge in dollars. Their rates are adjusted according to the rate of inflation of the shilling not the inflation of the economy. So, if the shilling jumps from 150 to 170 in one month, they hike up their rates by 50%, based on a six-month projection when they will have to send the money back home to their countries.

Shida ya mkenya ku own any local product ni wivu ya wakenya. For example i seen jungus come here and buy over 100 thousand hectares in one day, and nobody bats an eye. Waitiki in mombasa bought just 1000 acres, and the locals went bersek. Before, when the land was owned by a white man, they had no problem with it. Vyenye waliskia ni nugu mwenzao ameshikilia kashamba wakatokwa na wazimu ya wivu, and they full-on invaded his land and refused to leave.

Unfortunately, you cannot build an economy based on foreigners, who by definition, are here to take the money and run. Lakini blakc monkey hawezi jiinua nugu wenzao wakiwa tu wametulia hivyo. They must all stay poor at once


Kuna rooms mlolongo. Hosted by pharmacy. Unalipa na mkia

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I agree with you FURI FURI. It’s the same situation when we say white settlers should let go of all land in the name of conservancies and some monkeys start saying things like “Heri mzungu atachunga wanyama, Mwafrika ataharibu tu”. These guys have zero confidence and belief in themselves. Their blackness can’t allow them to trust a fellow countryman.

Watu bure kabisa.

Look, watu kama mimi have so much confidence in their blackness that I don’t entertain words like “slave” nor look up to white people for anything. I’ve reached self-actualization. I have a high regard for fellow Black people.

Mimi hutawahi nipata nikilamba omusungu matako na kuita fellow Africans bonobo. If people like me were in leadership zoomalians/indians/omusungus wangekuwa on their way to whatever shitholes they come from.

I remember Ruto once said, “………unatafuta serikali kwa sababu hiyo serikali ndio itasaidia kutatua ile mashida ulio nayo”. That is why one day I’ll seek to be in government and actualize my dream of a Black run economy 100%.


Correct that to $3.4M now. Could have been $3.8M but I bought a nice villa in Sea Point, CapeTown right on the Atlantic Seaboard.

Nairobi nimewaachia yote juu mliuzia Zoomalians nchi. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it for you when I’m president.

They cut up the cows and burnt the chickens, over 200 thousand chickens. Ata hawakula. They killed the cows, uprooted the crops and burnt everything else hadi mabati. Imagine the level of self hatred negros have. They view anything coming from or owned by a fellow African as shit only good for firewood

You are right. Most of the large productive estates in kiambu are owned by mzungus huko limuru tea estates, sasini coffee estates, kofinaf estates, del monte, tatu etc. But shida ya mwafrika is wivu that uhuru owns some dryland in his ancestral kiambu but they have no problem with mzungus owning thousands of acres of prime agricultural land which is much more than uhurus. @mikymas akisikia uhuru owns some land huko arid ruai bypass he goes berserk, anatokwa wazimu mpaka anaiba mbuzi na kukata miti yake, but has no problem with limuru and tigoni mzungus, and instead takes weekend road trips to take selfies in the mzungu farms.

Kumbe other Kenyans can see right through this bullshit. Kenyans somehow don’t have problems with wazungus/indians/somalis who have grabbed prime property but all of a sudden have an issue with a fellow country man buying thousands of acres legally.

It’s like the South Africans. They have all the angst against Black folk but suddenly put their tails behind their legs when you point out that whites/indians are the ones who’ve been holding their economy by the balls. They can’t even tell a panjeet to fuck off.

Watu bure kabisa.

Niggas be niggaring

Amongst black bonobo’s you shine bright. You can only be comfortable in a black run hotel at mombasa. Coming from USA, blacks at mombasa will worship you, and you will get all glory.