Kenyans can someone who watched the trending sex tape explain this to me

So mimi sijaona hio tape but naskia a cauliflower like growth is on the young lady’s shipoto. Sasa nyinyi experts wa STI which is it? And surely men how can you have sex after seeing such a dangerous sign of a diseased pundesh. Kweli munakuanga na njaa aje surely? You leave your thick wife ako na mguu kilo mbili Tena rangi ya Thao which junguus don’t find attractive anyway but Unaenda kukula diseased pussies out there na ile ukimwi iko Kenya? Chimpanzees never fail to disappoint me. Unakula vitu clearly diseased? You people are sick in the head and no wonder marriage is a huge scam in Kenya which is the only country in the world where married people new HIV infections more than prostitutes and homosexuals combined. In other countries, its gey men leading then sex workers. Chimpanzees Sijui shida yenu huwa nini. Nyway, someone who has had this disease atwambie ni gani and if it is curable. Hoya shafi Shaku ngina wa Njoro kirori kyaku digo twarithie rigi. Nkt. Bure kabisa silly chimpanzees. Junguuuu all the way to 2027.

Namusiniulize why I haven’t watched if I want to see a pundesh I have a mirror and if I want to see man parts I will look for professionals not this nonsensical sex tapes za Kenya you know that you are very lousy in bed alafu you want to subject Kenyans to watch your mediocrity and bonus of sick pussy, so shameless pasta mzima akirecord such a mess.


Which sextape you taking about? Are you male or female?

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Ya pasta na gospel singer. I’m a shemale depending on what side I woke up from.

Which tape, link or even name of those on it we search

That must be hpv genital warts.

wapi rink ya sex tape ndo tu comment?

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@heke njoo uone nyanye wa lionheart


:grin::grin::grin: jamaa ghassia Sana kusumbuliwa na nyanya mzee


Nyanya aende retire, no one wants her old nyau here

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You are one bitter woman, who hurt you?

Waiting for the tape or rink

Homosexuals account for a higher percentage of okedi
@uwesmake is sick
@jimit is sick
Mzee mkongwe mushienzi @Kanguthi is sick
@MajorProphet is sick
@Sicarius alias @weyn is sick
Small thief medium level sudoku player @Nipe_Nikusifu flies with hiv .

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Pilipili usio ila ya kuwashia nini?

I thought this tired line retired in 2022. You boys still use it to get under women’s skin. OK. You are under my skin now, congratulations old boy, umefanya kitu ya maana wacha tuu. While real men are cutting deals, you are here trolling someone who is old enough to be your moda!!! I’m proud of you son, what a man you have become. LOL. Bye now.

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Yaani pia wewe umeona hio tape, kuanga na STDS kidogo and I mean standards. I am not watching any tape other than ya Weezdom and Nicca. Siezi vumilia hii jambazi iko at the helm alafu nivumilie sex tape ziko mbaka na STDS Yaani sexually trasmitable diseases . Nooo!!!