Kenyans Being Played

Ati mliamua waafrika kazi yenu tu ni stealing from the masses and enriching yourselves and your families while the ordinary Wanjiku languishes in poverty crying:

“Unga imepanda”

“Tax ni mingi”

“Sirkal saidia”

“Mungu atatuonekania”

Oneni mabwanyenye sasa:

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Only a bloody revolution will save this country. A really bloody one where we slaughter all the bwenyenyes and start afresh


It took one person in those families to change the trajectory of their lives. Whether through crime, corruption, selling anus etc. Once umehonja rich people lives, you’ll understand them mbona they’ll do anything & everything to maintain that lifestyle.
PS. I’m not encouraging bad vices but everyone ought to understand that this world is a jungle. Killer or be killed.

Just as Pusha T puts it “let he without sin cast the first stone. So I build the all new level quad glass home”


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You can’t finish capitalism. It’s a war field. Once the top vanguard is eliminated, the next line takes charge. In short, if you kill all the corrupt individuals, the new hungry ones watakula na hasira.


Ferry turuu gaaki. That is what happenedi pale 1963 after Kenyatta took offa fromu the mkoroni

Capitalism is good in a way. Keeps everything in check. The weaker ones should keep their wackness to themselves, the apex individuals rise to the top.

I like this…no lube needed

@Electronics4u @Machoka_Senior @ChifuMbitika Wacheni hii ufala ya kuongea kama halfwit mongoloids. It’s not funny at all. @Machoka_Senior last strike kabla nikufukuze hii kijiji NV chieth.


I thought I was the only one that hated that kinda talk. @hakimoto na @captain obvious pia wanakuanga na iyo ufala


The OP of this thread sounds like the type that rape women when civil strife occurs.

Tumia akili

The majority in here woke up at 04:00 AM to go and VOTE in these Hustler Conmen …
Suffer peacefully until 2027 …

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Bluechip mindset. A generation has been secured. meanwhile, mpenda malaya @MTINGIZA_KITANDA bado anazunguka kwa madanguro akilipia malaya rent