Kenyans- bahati reality show is pathetic

Akiwa mahali ya thufu …now I don’t even know what’s sadder

hii ndio inaitwangwa “using your ktalk personality to make money Andrew kibe style”

Sometime back I watched that shit show for 5 minutes, man listening to those two airheads gave me a migraine… I could feel my IQ drop.

Sikuizi main stream media aint shit if you have good contenct weka youtube and promote it on all social media sites the rest itajisort…

How do you bring yourself to watch such non sense?

Hawa ndo watu inafaa tuangalie k kichwa iko sawa…how does a grown up man stare at the TV watching such a show?

That is a shit show that brought me to hate Ntv

I’d rather watch grass being digested

I only watch keeping up with the Kardashians

nation media fucked up on that one …its complete cringe