Kenyan's Aren't Suffering

Nimeconclude that most Kenyans aren’t suffering. Hii kelele ya bei ya unga is just BS.

Why? In the last few weeks nikienda supermarket kubuy Monster, huwa napata aisle ya unbranded commodities ikiwa empty. Today I checked the prices nikaona unbranded rice ni Ksh 140 per kilo, na branded ni Ksh 245 per kilo. I have never seen anyone in that unbranded section picking products…NEVER. So, watu wataenda supermarket, wanunue rice that is more expensive by 105 bob per kilo, halafu waende social media kucomplain about bei ya unga :D:D

Maybe peasants hate being judged or fear being judged juu sikuona any other reason why people complaining about food prices would never visit that section. Honestly, if you are a peasant and you complain every time about food prices, na hujawahi bother kuenda that section of a supermarket you can only blame yourself for not using your brains. The products there are literally made for you but because you fear being judged in the supermarket, or for some other excuse known to you, huwezi enda hapo ununue sukari, rice, unga, etc.

Next time I won’t loan any peasant money nikijua anatumia branded commodities when he/she has options. I literally could not believe that the same peasants complaining about unga prices will totally ignore that section and buy branded products. It was a shocking revelation.

Or maybe people just need financial education. Leave branded products to well off people and do what suits your pockets. You can’t complain about unga prices and then buy branded unga…its asinine.

As long as bei ya fixed price, jaba na Blue ice Iko sawa mimi siwezi complain

Supermarket ziko na supply chain issues

Hii niile mchele ingine tunakulishangwa pale Quaver.

Upuuus!!! less than ten percent of Kenyans do their shopping in supermarkets

You do seem like someone who drinks Monster.

of course you lost it before you started
.the struggling kenyan does not shop in a supermarket

trust me the poor ones are suffering, when your budget is 20k a difference in unga and cooking oil price will fuck you up

Siku izi ni kama akili yako haifanyi kazi vile. Unatarajia peasant aende super kubuy unga au anything? Peasant hubuy from local shops and such

he has some hate for poor guys sijawahi elewa. i kinda think he is poor
who steals someone elses beer and posts it here?
Then as someone who worked in finance for a long time, his story is 100 % bullshit
You can not build an algorithm to learn bitcoin. I gave him some slack juu sijui coding but nimeuliza around and it is bullshit,

Omo ya 10 bob is now 15 bob.

Maziwa ya 25 is now 30.

niliskia bei ya ombe itachange but sijaona. my most frquently bought alcohol ni guinness still 250 na some 5l wine shit still 3500

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D malisaaaaaa laitskim

Huwa anaongeanga sana about newbies and experts kwa crypto. That is total crap because the prices of those stuff depends on market conditions which are all speculative.

i was strong on bitcoin to be honest, i even thought inaweza fika 500k shock on me vile nilikua mjinga but am always readytolearn

but this guy, if I ever met a liar it is him but I wish him success

Let me give you a lesson in life. Trust people who admit failure cause they grow. I thought am great at crypto but readily admitted when I failed. People who think they never fail will waste your time

The last thing @Azor Ahai will ever admit on this site os failure. He’d rather die than do that. Hakuna siku amewahi kubali ako in tje wrong. No day

We all fail. Except conmen I have a long history of admitting failure on this site. Hata leo tu nimeadmit I get rejected by women daily. Failure is never wrong. Not trying is wrong

Really?? I highly doubt that.