Kenyans Are Retarded

Nina swali wadau. Nikiwatch videos youtube kwa comments section mimi huona mtu amecomment sijui “like hii comment etc etc” what is their objective in life?? Same case na facebook comments. What would make a grown-up to ask for likes kwa a stupid comment?? Is there an angle I can’t see here…

Nime like hii post !

Yes,there is an angle you can’t see. The reflex angle.

obtuse angle

Convex angle my fren

hajui hii. He is not a kenyan

:D:D:D:D… ata mimi sijawai elewa io ujinga.

You are one stuck up mofo.

Since you brought it up, why the hell are you concerned with matters that do not affect you?

Answering this question will automatically answer yours. So far, you’re the retarded one. :smiley:

I will give a gold bar to whoever makes ms understand hiyo upuzi.

It’s all about feeding the happy center of the frontal lobe, same as when you release a huge turd after a long day.

Acute angle

Ukianza kulipwa na YouTube utaelewa why account holders want to be recognized