Kenyans are orangutans

What ferkery is this akina jimit

This is quite sad! I thought people are already shafted enough to lack the morale to do this!

kama mnaumia sio wote wanaumia

Uhuru bila uwezo kwa mwananchi kujikimu kimaisha sio uhuru. Ni umeffi.

pambana na hali yako please

Wewe naye tunajua unaumia

kama yesu hakupata amani kwa dunia ,whom am I?one day at a time sweet Jesus ,that’s all that I am asking from you .sing along

It was the same in Meru last year. The stadium was full by 6am.

Looks like there are alot of kenyan idlers out there with nothing better to do

A case of curiosity on what happens in national celebration event. Everybody wants to see the army matching, president inspecting a guard of honor…Remember most of these village folks have never gone beyond 10km their radius. Si walete nairobi Stadi iwe wazi

Kwani you don’t know hawa watu wako wira. Buses are sent and peasants paid to board and attend these things.

This explains why we have the kind of “leaders” we have. These are the people who screw us all and now they are waiting for their leaders tell how they are going to screw them, eat their lunch, order them to do the dishes then command them to go to bed and wipe their noses.

Why are Facebook worrias so bitter? As @Motokubwa says, pambaneni na hali yenyu…

And just in case you didn’t get it the first time, Uhuru akisimama na ile orangutan yenu Uhuru atakuwa ndani, ndani, ndaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiii saa tatu asubuhi…

Na si MNA madharau. Nyinyi ndio mnaonyesha ignorance yenu coz you apparently don’t know how the other folk live.
You cannot go where you are going without the rural folk. You are the strangest campaigners I have ever seen who alienate the people you are supposed to win over by calling them names.

courtesy of county govt development funds

Are you a Kenyan too?

Keyboard revolutionary @maizeroaster don’t kiff up with the revolution push:D

You continue fattening your tummy while the Jubillee gravy party lasts… and pray that that day shall not find you among the rats hiding in dustbins and tunnels… you can redicule and belittle as much as you can… One day you shall remember my handle



@maizeroaster and which other handles?

Bado hujacheka… Ongezea more emojies @Terrencehill

You will not resist a united people or peasants as they call them mashinani