Kenyans are natural born criminals

Noma sana hehehe

2 weeks ago i picked 7750 pale Carrefour sarit, took it to security luckily the owner was already there reporting her lost cash.

fucking liar. Haupati bonga points ata ukitubeba ujinga

Thats exactly what my wife told me:D:D…imagine my own wife didnt believe that i returned the money. She almost went to security office to confirm.
Thing is i believe in eating my own sweat, not easy in this country but i try.

Hapo sawa bonobo, hapo umejaribu

Ata thermal hauna?

Crime is pushed by need, we’re a hungry country

If that is true, it would have been in ALL papers and TV news.

I would do the same.

Hehe … And all of them swear by God niyao … ati " haki ya mungu … walai ni mimi nimeangusha".


mazee , io ndio inaitwa kunaswa

Just last week this guy dropped 500 bob in the supermarket. Huyo nani mimi, I tapped him on the shoulder aipick. Now this ka lad next to me( anakaa wale maboy wa mtaani) told me ni fala sana. Told the lad to bounce juu mimi sipendi ujinga.

You behaved like a man. Cowards would rather be caught on cctv sneaking out, and suffer the indignity of being told to hand it over.

Hii inanikumbusha zile stunt za pale Fig tree za bahasha iko na noti, utalijua jiji

I don’t walk on those streets. In any case, if I tell you to pick your cash then you start bringing stories of sijui we go somewhere we share dude you are on your own. I keep telling kids here not just anyone gets conned. Hata those con artists know who to target.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Dude, time to start cutting your losses…hafugii? Hafugiki!

:D:D huyu hakuna mahali anaenda, have already had 11years of her most productive years. Akileta mchezo i will embrace the opportunity and get myself a brand new second hand 10years younger

It has often been said, listen carefully to what your partner says. It is impossible to hide a weak moral compass.