Kenyans are Hurting

Somebody need to exit planet earth and come back riding a white winged unicorn.


People ought to be hanged as a matter of urgency.

Kenyans kazi ni kupost anger Kwa social media . Angalia France

A time will come raia waseme enough is enough. Bado Tu kiasi boiling point ifike. The dinasti wount be spared.

That will nefa happen if you know Kenyans

Acha kwanza tucheze na reforms za NPS, media tu natambua social na Kanisa inafifia. We almost there bruh, sabali

the problem with this kind of approach is that, The current crop of politician, mostly those who are in the cold will come out and take the lead in revolution, and if the revolution was to happen today, RAO will jump ship, and ruto will do the same, and this guys will form the next government,
and guess what, they will let waMuigai and the Moi’s slide, what we need is a strong and independent judiciary, one that will hang this mofos.

Hapo sioni

Their minions already control those paths

The other problem is that, you may start a process to oust the current government, but end up with ethnic cleansing of some people, most probably the people from the sitting President backyard.

Thano thena hurray!!! Kumira kumira! Webe ni ure ure! Ajabu ni kwaba mwenye walidhani watanyoa na hiyo webe ndiyo huyu ako ndani na BBI… But of course they will still blame him for all the wrongs that are happening, never Gatheca.

Even maraga a staunch Christian amezimwa. We need more than law interpretation. You think sentencing a popular politician will work out if kenyans don’t change their minds? It is my time to remind people that we told you in 2013 mkajifanya weerevu.

what’s the way forward, from where you stand.

Well, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. If they try to stop the nation from removing rot, they’ll be cleared too.

revolution in .ke will mean attacking one or 2 tribal groupings.

2007 should tell u how a revolution will end. Peasants kuchinjana will be the order of the day.

But I highly doubt that will happen

Moses Kuria has already started doing this

Wakenya ni kelele tu saa hii online…wamekaliwa chapati na huna chenye watafanya…i like vile other countries hu riot bad leadership…mpaka mnawaweka on their knees

i saw Waititu yesterday going to the market and wamama wa soko cheering and singing for him…after all his looting cases…
these are the people you expect to remove a govt from power ???

and these are the masses, but one thing i know, progress in a nation is brought about by a small group, the masses in a 3rd world nation are so impoverished to think about ideologies and such complex things…they think about today and the basic needs they will need tomorrow.

Ask any villager what he will be doing next week, many have no clue.

Trust me, if it was to happens today , Okuyus would be the first victims, the story line would be you voted for Uhuru 3 times. They would be seen as the problem.

Akina Murkomens’ , Kurias’ Rutos’ and all those politicians who last in General election would ride on the people’s side.

With all the hopelessness , helplessness and desperation in .ke, i wonder how sober wanainchi will be when voting. Will they vote with logics or emotions ?